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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

EXO-Baby Dont Cry.Lyrics

Lyrics from a nice and kind Korean girl who helped me as. (see the comment box) I really appreciate that. Watch the video and in the description there'll be lyrics to the song. And U little EXOtic if you are here then just slide the bar down couse I'll put the lyrics here. Enjoy!
凛冽(?)的月光, 把眼睛关上。


Baby don't cry, tonight.
Baby don't cry, tonight.

So baby don't cry, cry


Do not hesitate anymore, please
please take my heart.
yeah, the sharper, the better
This is the night when moonlight even closes his eyes

If I had not other men.
If this is the drama inside the word.
Burn your scar that you changes with your guy.

Baby don't Cry, tonight.
When the night light's up again.
Baby do not Cry, tonight.
It Just didn't happen.

You will never be of the bubble,
You should not know until the end
So baby don't Cry, Cry
because my love will protect you

Korean Lyrics:
더는 망설이지마, 제발
내 심장을 거두어가
그래 날카로울 수록 좋아
달빛조차도 눈을 감은 밤

나 아닌 남자였다면
희극 안의 한 구절이었더라면
너의 그 사람과 바꾼 상처 모두 태워버려

Baby Don't Cry Tonight
어둠이 걷히고 나면
Baby Don't Cry Tonight
없었던 일이 될 거야

물거품이 되는 것은 니가 아니야
끝내 몰라야했던
So Baby Don't Cry Cry
내사랑이 널 지킬테니


BIG BANG ! KAI Just Appered in the EXO's 21 Teaser and I can say It's kinda interesting!
KAI  plays the "piano" and dances... Amazing
Song " Baby Don't cry" by EXO-K (D.O And Baek Hyun singing)

Chinese (Lu Han and Chen singing)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


TODAY 28.02.2012
EXO-K 2,257,697
EXO-M 822,653
EXO-K 2,123,968
EXO-M 779,308

2,257,697 / 2,123,968
822,653 / 779,308
EXO-K still getting more interest.. but it's getting better :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

EXO El Dorado

El Dorado has an amazing Beat...I've Made a video to listen to it carefully...

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Exo fashionistas cuts that you ain't seen before (roll like a Buffalo :D) I'm happy that I found this video, but It was a little bit grey and sad so I just colored It up a little and made it more likely to see.>.< SO,of course, I putted it On YouTube ^^  So what can I say... Enjoy!

SNDS Genie - EXO-K ChanYeol Cut

Wow... If I would find a lamp like that one I would wish for all the Korean Pop stars to come and  visit my house ^^
I WANT THAT LAMP <3 (but i would preffer if from the lamp came out EXO, Shinee or SuJu >.<)

Your World..EXO.Lyrics

My Video:

Korean Lyrics 너의 세상으로 열린 바람을 타고...

Chinese Lyrics 預告片歌詞:當我乘坐著風 身為你的守護者....

English meaning: Open your world to ride the wind

Friday, February 24, 2012

EXO moves

Thursday, February 23, 2012

EXO-Beautiful Lyrics

OH, you beautiful, beautiful,
OH, you beautiful, beautiful,
OH, you beautiful, beautiful,
OH, you beautiful, beautiful,


He is Good Looking... like the whole rest of course:) 

ChanYeol What did he read?

In the EXO teaser_20 that was based on ChanYeol he is reading a book. So I was pretty curious what was he reading. So I spended almost an hour trying to read it and I still don't know if it's really writen in that  book.

Wrong to create the evil minds of people around
the world backfired
akdeulyi tamharyeo (i don't know if this is right) legend has gathered
Tree of Life mareudonnal slightly
The time is reversed
The space is illegal.
12 Duchess of power is divided in half to create two sun
Legends of the same place but you can not meet
each other in regards anmutneunda space.
Malice to hurt the world by correctly combining the power of
12 is the perfect one doeneunnal
Will open a new world.
12 Duchess of power is divided in half to create two sun
Legends of the same place but you can not meet
each other in regards anmutneunda space.

(the "weird" words like doeneunnal I don't know If there are right)

EXO_teaser20 ChanYeol

This Teaser Is... Good. Maybe it's not making me wanna watch it 1018272 times but I still like it. ChanYeol in this teaser looks like an lost little boy <3 so cute. Song "El Dorado"

ChanYeol-Rapper from Exo-K

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


From now on I'm only going to write in English, because I prefer it this way and it's more international.:)
I Love this Teaser and that fluffy dog <3 aww He's so cute. In this teaser Lay shows us some moves, Chen drinks some tea and Beak Hyun plays with that sweet puppy.

 Baek Hyun
 Baek Hyun, Chen, Lay
 Lay,Chen, Baek Hyun
Lay, Chen

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Views on Youtube EXO-M I EXO-K "What Is Love"
(in the link you can see the earlier post about the views on YouTube)



EXO-K is more popular as you can see


I added this A LONG TIME AGO, but know as I can see EXO fans are putting those kind of posts about there photo session... 

As You can see in the link are does posts

EXO-K What Is Love - Kpop Music Mondays

A little bit of truth but I still love EXO<3

Monday, February 20, 2012


As you guys can see I putted some extra work In this blog so you can be more happy. I added information about every EXO Member. So I hope You'll enjoy.:)


Sunday, February 19, 2012


Yes, EXO's debut will be in March As we can see in the picture. So probably there will be a lot more teasers then there is know. ^^

But the matter of fact I spend my whole day watching WGM (We got Married) - Leeteuk from SuJu and I must say that's the next program that I like. (I like SuJu Full House and Hello Baby Shinee + I've already saw it all) On WGM I'm on the newest episode from 2012 but unfortunately the new episode Is only uploaded in half so maybe I just need to wait. :(

EXO- My lady Lyrics [eng]

She’s ma babe
새하얀 그 손 끝에
녹아버린 쵸코라떼
you’re walking into my door
좀더 널내게 보여줘 (don’t lie) 솔직해 진다면 (gonna be easy)
단 한번도 느낄 수 없던 달콤한 하모니
don’t be too late

She’s ma babe
saehayan geu son kkeut-e
nog-a beolin chocolate
you’re walking into my door
jomdeo neolnaege boyeojwo (don’t lie) soljighae jindamyeon (gonna be easy)
dan hanbeondo neukkil su eobsdeon dalkomhan harmony
don’t be too late

English version:

She's ma babe
At the end of the innocent, white hand - melted chocolate latte
You're walking into my door
I want to show you more me (don't lie) if I can be honest (gonna be easy)
Not once, I have never experienced this sweet harmony
Do not be too late.

EXO ft Key-Two Moons Lyrics


(Hey, hey, hey, hey)

Everybody now behold something you ain’t seen before

It’s going down

Yes, tonight is what you waited for

Roll like a buffalo

Whoops, they already know

I hope you notice that ‘cause it’s too cool to ignore

suhdoolluh suhdoolluh oneurman yuhrrineun pyunghaengtongro 4 dimension-euro

saerowoon nae sehsaeng uhje mannan naega anil guhya guhtbohk-irohn

daman ddokgata boh-igejjiman keuruhn bbuhnhan guhdeul gidaehaji ma

imi il duhaki iri dwimyun juhrdaero ee

Welcome to the night.

That’s right!
(Yo, we’re running out of time, man)

Selected VIP wouldn’t it be mind-blowingly awesome

Now we’re on the ro-ro-rocket just gotta keep your seatbelt fastened

(Kris & ChanYeol)
ohneureun doo gaeui dari doo-doo gae go gaeui dari
ohneureun doo gaeui doo gaeui da-da-da-dari ddeu-ddeuneun bam

You’re not gonna should’ve with this and could’ve with that

‘Cause you’re never coming back to this track

See the two full moons, you’re the chosen knight

Goes back with news ‘cause he got no time

( Kris & ChanYeol )
ohneureun doo gaeui dari doo-doo gae go gaeui dari
ohneureun doo gaeui doo gaeui da-da-da-dari ddeu-ddeuneun bam

Kai VS. Taemin

Who's winnin? ^^

Saturday, February 18, 2012


(I had to add it couse when I saw this I was laughing my ass of) 

Kai... Will probably be in 3 teaser's! I don't know how many Teaser's will SM. Entertainment put out since Kai APPARENTLY is gonna be in 3 more... And If that's true then It would be like 21 Teaser's + others that didn't appeared at any Teaser. SM Town maybe will make it to 30 :) I don't mind :)

SE HUN (OH YES, because this cut is AWESOME )

EXO[fasionistas] SUPER

AAAAAAAA! Someone genius made it with English sub OMG.<3 LIKE IT!


Changes Made:) The look of our blog is changed and i hope you like it. Couse everything is now depending on you guys! Come here often! Klik to observed, couse I really spent a lot of time on what you see.
Views On YouTube
EXO-What Is Love

Today I Made These (just a sec ago)
  EXO-K-2 072.177

Yesterday I made These 2

EXO-K-2 046.449//  2 072.177
We Can see the statistics :)  Not bad ain't there? 

Friday, February 17, 2012


Do we believe in this? Couse it's kinda right that they put out a teaser every day. And I Have an impression that they are rushing. But.. will see what's cookin' ^^