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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EXO fancams & pre Debut videos part 1

You might have seen this videos cause they ain't new but maybe some of you didn't so I'm glad to help. 

Kris Is so nervous that He took out his telephone but Tao is walking beside him sooo cutely <3

EXO rehearsals for SBS Gayo Daejun 2011(with Suju And Shinee)

I've already uploaded this video in some post but I can't find it. Members from EXO that preformed at the SBS GAYO 2011. Well I have to say that I couldn't stop looking at... Kyuhyun(SuJu). He appears from 1:12 and is in the back with Kai. 

Lu Han ( long hair, white T-shirt with) ,Kris(dressed In black In the left), Tao (the one with a grey shirt, going along with Xiu Min), Lay/Kai [hard to tell] (white hoodie) and Xiu Min (the one with a black T-shirt, the shortest )
SNSD VCR in Taiwan featuring EXO Kris. Kris Is going to be an actor I tell you this now! That boy's got talent.

Se Hun (Black shirt Stussy), Lay (Blue cardigan) Baek Hyun (White shirt + bag),D.O (Blue shirt),Kai (Black shirt + headphones),Su Ho (Black sweat), ChanYeol (White shirt + hat)

I know that the One in White Is 100% Chen, but those other two I can't recognize :(

For Those that ship Tao. I have to thank the one that made this video couse It's really nice and the music (Britney Spear- Everytime ) is nicely picked. 

Lay from EXO-M singing. 

EXO members walking like a boss ^^

Lay from EXO-M dancing. Wow soo young ^^ ,good looking and Talented

Lay from EXO-M dancing to "Nobody" wonder Girls. As we can see he was meant to be a star since from the youngest ages. He's dancing like he was doing it for ages and he's not shy.

Kai from EXO-K dancing To Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back" (uploaded in an earlier post already)
Kai from EXO-K dancing to Travis Garland's "Let Me Know" 

Stay Tuned For more

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  1. Thank you alot ........ They are really talented ... Plz I want videos for,TAO ..and thanks