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Monday, March 26, 2012


Dear Xiu Min
First Of all I want to thank you for being in EXO and making all of us happy I the name of people that had ever came here I would like to wish you to be healthy and lots of love. Couse those are the two most important things In life. Without love and no support from your family you won't be happy in what you are doing. With out health you won't be able to do what makes you happy.
So that's what I want't you to wish in your.  I hope you enjoy your life and you're happy in it 

Love and Kisses from ExoTown And members
(for does That don't know Xiu Min In the 26th Of March is turning 22 ) 
Ninda Yulia Dewi:
Ariel form Canada:
Shu Xian from Singapore :
this one is mine ^^

 Ashley from Singapore :

Guys I would like to thank you for sending and taking your time for making these awesome pictures!

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