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Monday, March 26, 2012

KpopChart Eat Your Kimchi

Well first of all I just Don't get it why is SHINee's - Sherlock being in the first place when EXO has more votes In everything. Just Take a look:

Thumbs Up - 1 place EXO 
FaceBook - 1 place EXO
Twitter - 1 place EXO
Google+ - 1 place EXO
Comments - 1 place EXO

Jesus and does that make sens? I don't get it. And The funny thing Is that They Are In the forth place by kicking the top in Those 5 categories. Let's just hope that they will  be noticed In the Next Kpop Monday.

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MY Kpop chart:


  1. EXOFrance asked to Simon and Martina, they said it's because the math count the average of views/votes per days ^^"