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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

120411 EXO-M SOHU LIVE INTERVIEW + ENG Translation

EXO-M Dance Lesson 
Aww<3 So Sweet! 
Full Subbed Video

Host: We have EXO-M here with us today, welcome!

EXO: We are One! We are EXO-M

Host: Really really polite, did the company make it a rule to this greeting or?

Kris: To us respect is really important and we are a new group after all so it should be a must

Host: Ah, really polite, would you care to do an introduction of yourselves first?

(EXO-M introduction)

Host: We have 2 korean members right, all of you have been living in korea am I right?

Kris: Yes, we don’t have a problem communicating in korean!

Host: Oppa! Saranghaeyo!

Kris: That’s I love you oppa

Host: Oh you said it to me! You got tricked! Are fans envious of me now because your leader just said he loves me. I’ve seen your fans and they are all so polite, I went out to ask them if they have a fanclub name but they said no. Do you have any preference in which you want your fanclub to be named?

Everyone: Nope, we haven’t thought of it.

Host: I’ve heard of EXO-K, together with EXO-M, why is your group named like that?

Kris: We are a huge group, EXO. Basically EXO-M and EXO-K are twins who will perform under the same skies just in different languages. Like brothers

Host: All of you are aliens, we are from Earth, welcome to earth! I’ve watched all of your teaser and your fans probably would have too and we are all amazed. How many days did you take to film those teasers?

Kris: Actually it depends, for mine it took a day

Lay: Mine took a day too, I danced a lot for during the filming, but I personally find dancing enjoyable so I didn’t mind

Host: What’s your role in the group?

Lay: I’m mainly focused on the dance segments.

Host: So the most difficult moves are done by you?

Lay: Pretty much, but everyone’s dance skills are good. Nowadays I’ve been practicing floor moves, but it’s not perfect yet

Host: Ah, you’re so humble. Can we have the other

members speak about their filming as well

Host: The member who keeps translating for the Koreans please speak of your teaser filming

Luhan: Mine too one day to film as well because after filming there’s editing too. I can be considered the assistant lead singer in the group

Host: Is the leader the lead singer?

Luhan: Chen is the lead singer.

Host: Who actually gives all these roles to all of you?

Luhan: The company did, the roles were split according to how high their pitches could go and Chen can go a higher note than me therefore he is the lead singer

Host: Chen I’m curious to know how high your notes can go

Chen: I’m sorry I can’t do the live demo now but I’m my high notes are probably stronger so maybe that’s why

Xiumin: Mine was filmed for about 3 days, separately , not 3 consecutive days

Host: Tao I’ve seen your teaser, you do martial arts, am I right? Was it done using special effects?

Tao: No, I’ve been learning martial arts since kindergarten but I got an injured once so I stopped for a while so I did that stunt personally

Host: Is the injury serious?

Tao: No it won’t affect my performance on stage

Host: So are you the member who’s in charge of fighting

Tao: No my role in the group is a rapper

Host: You debuted on the 8th am I right? Were all of you satisfied with your performance?

Kris: When we performed in shen zhen that day all of us were nervous so we did make mistakes, but not really huge ones. Just in conclusion that performance wasn’t perfect and it could have been better

Host: Maybe we can’t tell the mistakes, but nervousness can’t be avoided. Is there a method EXO uses to decrease the stress and anxiety because a performance?

Kris: We have a specific group gesture that we do to cheer each other on. (Members all did a demo)

Host: It sounds like “sayonara”

Kris: No, it basically means that we are one and we’ll cheer each other and love each other no matter what

Host: We are really honored to have your group at Sohu just a few days after debut. MAMA also has it’s mini album, MAMA means mother but does your song have any relation to mother?

Luhan: No MAMA in this case means someone of a higher authority, like a god. It just has its unexplainable meaning.

Host: I’ve seen the MV and it’s really good, how long did you take to produce MAMA, the choreography and songs?

Luhan: We took about 1-2 months to master it because the dance was pretty hard.

Host: is there a dance move that is pretty simple for me to learn?

Luhan: The one part at the end, it goes “MAMA MAMA” (whole group does the hand gesture)

Host: Was there any interesting events that happened during the MV filming?

Kris: I do have one, because we all have our special elements, for example water or ice. Mine is a dragon and there was a scene where I have to jump and flip off the building. Initially I thought it would be done with special effects, but after that I was told by the director that I would have to do it personally, with the help of wires. When we arrived at the set I realized there were many different camera angles prepare and I had to flip backwards more than 100 times just for that scene, but it ended well

Host: Yes, the end product as we can see from the MV was rather good

Tao: When I was filming my teaser, it was a fighting scene and I was really nervous and lost then. I didn’t know what I was doing and repeated some moves many times.

Host: So can I consider you as a martial arts expert? Will you want to take up martial arts films? Do you fight?

Tao: Apart from practicing, I don’t fight. But yes if I get the opportunity I would love to do a martial arts film

Host: Are your ages revealed? Can I talk about them?

Kris: Yes

Host: So Tao is the youngest, how old are you?

Tao: I am the youngest within this group, but not the youngest in EXO. I’m 19 this year

Host: Hurry up address me as uncle!

Tao: Uncle

Host: Next we’ll have Lay sing and play the guitar

(Lay performs)

Host: How long have you learnt the guitar for? Maybe

if you have a concert we’ll see more of your talents and performances

Lay: I’ve been learning for 2 years

Host: That was really good if I didn’t see that it was you I would have thought it was David Tao! (known Chinese artist) So Kris is the leader, why is he the leader?

Tao: Kris has a really great sense of responsibility and because he is bilingual (English, Korean and Chinese and some cantonese) , so the members chose him.

Host: Is Kris the oldest?

Kris: No actually Luhan, Xiumin and I are the same age.

Host: Well luhan looks younger

Kris: Among the 3 of them I’m actually the youngest

Host: Let’s have the fairest member speak

Xiumin: Me?

Host: Yes you

Xiumin: I don’t have any special method of maintaining

my skin tone, just constantly washing my face.

Host: Ah, naturally fair. So there are a few Chinese members here, have all of you gone home ever since joining SM?

Kris: Depends on how busy the company is, normally it’s 1 to 2 times. It just happened that during a few new years I haven’t gone home.

Lay: There was once when I didn’t get to go home for 1 and a half years.

Host: So what are your family member’s thoughts on you


Lay: They are really glad I’m debuting and I hope they take care of themselves well.

Tao: I really miss home too, and I hope my parents will take care of their health.

Host: I apologize for bringing this topic up early in the morning, for the Korean members they probably got it easier?

Xiumin: Yes we still do get to meet our parents when we were training

Host: Korean members do you take care of Chinese members a lot when you are in korea because they don’t get to go home. Like do you invite them over to your house?

Xiumin: Because Chinese member’s Korean are all really good so they can plan and take care of themselves too. Sometimes when I want to take care of them it feels unnecessary because they organize their lives pretty well too. But we do invite them over at times

Host: Afterall you are a group now, so in the next segment I hope to see how well all of you know each other

1. Who eats the most? Tao

Tao: Since young I liked eating so maybe that’s the reason I eat the most

2. Who is the laziest? Luhan

Luhan: I always don’t hear the alarm when it rings!

Host: So who are the roommates in your group?

Chen: I share a room with Kris, Luhan and Lay in one room, and Tao and Xiumin in one room. I can’t share a room with xiumin because we need to interact more in Chinese

Host: Can the Korean members speak a sentence in Chinese?

Xiumin: Really brilliant!

Chen: Very good!

Host: All you can say are encouraging words, learn a tongue twister from me?

Xiumin: Really difficult!

(They tried the tongue twister but failed)

Host: Does any of you have a girlfriend?

Everyone: Nope

Host: Does the company not allow any of you to have one?

Kris: It’s just we all have our careers as our top priority and we don’t have time and are really busy

Host: Speak of your ideal type of girl

Kris: I like kind hearted girls, can take care of others, someone who is really filial. Must be able to cook too

Yixing: Cute, can do house chores and must be really filial

Host: So you and leader have the same ideal types, if it happens that you fall for the same girl will you give in to him

Yixing: Yes I would, we are brothers after all. It all depends on fate and who she would choose!

Luhan: My ideal type is someone who is gentle and soft spoken kind

Host: Luhan are you not awake yet! You are really quiet today. Xiumin what about you?

Xiumin: A girl who is cuddly

Chen: Someone who can take care of me, like a noona, age doesn’t really matter to me

Host: Is it because since young you lack parent’s love that you like noonas?

Chen: No it’s not that I just like someone to take care of me

Tao: I gave it somethought when I got home yesterday because I was asked this question yesterday. Maybe someone pretty, someone with a good body. For me as long as she has a good personality, be it cute or mature, I don’t really mind

Host: Luhan you were scouted on the streets?

Luhan: I was a little afraid when that SM lady approached me, she asked for my name and gave me a namecard

Host: The other members got into SM through auditions? Was training tough and how many hours did you all train?

Lay: When I first got to China, training was for around 12 to 14 hours a day, it was basically just sleeping eating and training every day. But after a while I got an injury so the number of training hours a day lessened

Host: Have any of you thought of giving up because it was too tiring

Kris: For me because I trained for 4 years and I didn’t get to go home during new year, I was really upset and because all my friends went home so I was alone, I thought of calling home but that would have made me miss them more so I hestitated

Host: Did any of you cry because you’ve missed your parents?

Kris: Yes. Everyone did

Host: Let me ask a questions, who cries the most in your team?

Everyone: Tao

Tao: I’m just generally easily touched so I tear at quite a lot of things. Like if the other members tell me ghost stories or I hear of anything ghost related, I’ll cry. Also during movies or just any touching stories, I would get emotional too

Host: Recently sohu is holding an idol search competition, do you all have any words for the contestants who have dreams like all of you?

Tao: I have this really motivational quote that keeps me going all the time, “Nothing in the world is impossible to me” I hope you all believe that too and keep going!

Chen: Don’t give up your dreams and keep going forward, just like how I’ve got here today, please keep working hard!

Xiumin: I have a favorite Chinese sentence which is “Really great, jiayou!”

Luhan: Please don’t give up your dreams and keep working towards it!

Lay: As long as you work hard you’ll succeed, keep going

Kris: All of us are around the same age and at this stage everyone should have some fun and just take up challenges, so have confidence in yourself, as long as you do you’ll make it, work hard!

Host: Can we see the rings that you are wearing on your hand?

Kris: EXO ring

Luhan: This is EXO’s logo

Chen: This is the ring that actually gives me my power, lightning

Host: I hope through this interview you will mind the questions I have asked because there is bound to be a lot more information we still don’t know but would like to find out. And also because of your debut and luhan’s birthday which is coming soon, Sohu has prepared a birthday cake for all of you.

(cake cutting)

Host: We can also share the cake with all the fans outside, and do you all have anything you would want to say to your them?

Kris: It was really motivating and touching to see so

many fans at the airport fetching us that day, we hope all you will keep supporting us in the future

Lay: We will really work hard to present more songs and more amazing performances to all of you, thank you for your support and concern

Luhan: Really thankful for your support and we hope to show you more of EXO-M’s charm

Xiumin: Really love everyone and thank all of your for your support, I’ll work hard at learning Chinese to speak to all of you more

Tao: Please continue loving and support EXO-M and also EXO-K, thank you so much

Chen: Thank you for all your support

End of Sohu Star Show

Translated by Yenuo


  1. Thanks so much for the translation! Are you the person who translates? Whoever it is, I wish they could integrate it with the video next time. But, still thank you!

    1. No I didn't translate the Video :)Translated by Yenuo <-
      I think that later on someone will put the subbing In the Video. So If I'll find one I'll upload it here :) Just stay Tuned:)

  2. Kris : "....I had to flip backwards more than 100 times just for that scene" => Kris can flip backwards? 0.0

    "Kris has a really great sense of responsibility and because he is bilingual (English, Korean and Chinese and some cantonese), so the members chose him" => why the member not said 'because he is immortal' =="

    "I always don’t hear the alarm when it rings!" => nope dear. same with me!! so we can't get married? we can't wake up early morning every day!! i know, i was chose Kai, never mind..

    Chen : "I share a room with Kris, Luhan and Lay in one room, and Tao and Xiumin in one room. I can’t share a room with xiumin because we need to interact more in Chinese". i thought Xiumin, Kris, and Luhan in one room, Chen with Lay, and Tao with manager. am i wrong? and Chen same room with Kris? oh my god!! it's must be a most quite room in their dorm!!

    "Did any of you cry because you’ve missed your parents?"

    Kris: Yes. Everyone did => you can cry Kris?

    Host: Let me ask a questions, who cries the most in your team?

    Everyone: Tao => i know!! keep strong dear!! just share all your burden, tired, even your tears with your greatest brother and also your leader!! never give up!!

    1. yeah Kris shocked me too when he showed His sensitive side.

  3. Kris too perfect! >.<
    Tao! I don't thing so, that you are the most cried in group, hahaha~ youre so cute!

    Xiu min, do you like a girl who is cuddly?!
    that sound is like you are cute and perv*** also!!! haha >.<

    1. hahah Tao Is the weibo creeper also!