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Monday, April 2, 2012

Backstage and airport style part 2

Kai, D.O, ChanYeol
Kai, D.O, ChanYeol
Kai, D.O
ChanYeol, Lu Han, Se Hun
Kai, D.O
ChanYeol, D.O, Kai
Baek Hyun
Su Ho
Xiu Min
 Lay, Kris, D.O, Kai
 ChanYeol, Baek Hyun
 ChanYeol,(behind him) Chen and Lay, Baek Hyun, Su Ho, Lu Han
(from the further left ) Lay, Kris, Chen, ChanYeol, Baek Hyun
 Kris, Lu Han
 1 pic: Chen, ChanYeol,Se Hun, Lu Han, Baek Hyun
2 pic: ChanYeol, Chen, Baek Hyun
Kris, Kai, D.O, ChanYeol

Se Hun, Lu Han, Xiu Min, Chen

Tao, Kris, ChanYeol
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