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Monday, April 2, 2012

EXO 2nd Showcase Q&A

Impression and personality of the member to the right of you:
(translation to Q&A Part 2/3 and a small part of Q&A 3 at the beginning, the videos are lower)

Tao (about Baek Hyun):
At first when I met him I thought he would be a very warm-hearted person and he actually is
Baek Hyun (about Xiu Min):
At first when he met him he thought he was very cute although just a little bit scary. But the more they lived together the more he saw his(Xiu Min's) cuteness and compared to his first impression he was a little different.
Xiu Min (about Chen): 
The first time he met Chen he thought that his features were concentrated [T/N: sorry... I actually don't know what the heck that's supposed to mean] and was just a little bit scary, but after listening to Chen's singing voice he was overwhelmed.
Chen (about Suho): 
He thinks the Suho standing next to him looks like the kind of kid who would be a very good example setter/leader and his personality is like that too. [Suho: 谢谢(thank you)]
Su Ho (about Kai): 
[Su Ho: 我们Kai (Our Kai)] The first time he met Kai he thought Kai seemed a little bit cold/detached/apathetic but after interacting more with Kai he found that Kai was the type of person who could look after every single person nearby and his inner personality is very warm-hearted
Kai (about Lu Han): 
Lu Han looks very cute and beautiful.
[MC: Ey? Is Lu Han beautiful or handsome today?
Lu Han: //whispers and translates
Kai: //sticks up two fingers
MC: Both?]
Lu Han (about Lay): 
The first time meeting Lay I thought he seemed kind of cold and keeps to himself and doesn't talk much, but after getting to know him I found that he actually had quite a bit to say. He's a very open person.
Lay (about D.O):
He seemed very cold and doesn't talk much except after interacting more I found that he had quite a bit to say and he likes to joke around and make everyone happy. He's a particularly open person.
D.O (about Se Hun):
Even though he's the maknae he's quite tall. And from the first time I met him till now I've always thought he's very cute.
Se Hun (about ChanYeol):
His first impression is that he was very tall. And as for his physical appearance he found that as a guy he actually looked a little bit feminine.
Chanyeol (about Kris): 
Kris was even taller than me and he felt that he was a little bit cold especially looking at his face but after getting to know him he's just more of a cool person. (Still kind of cold LOL)
Kris (about Tao):
Uh, about Tao, actually he's pretty much the same as Baek Hyun. The first impression you get from seeing him is that he's very mature and he's very manly and handsome. He's a very charming kid/child (literally kid). To me, he's like a younger brother and I can relate to him this way a bit more. He's very likeable and cute and he has his own personality.

Q&A 1/3 
(no translations)
Q&A 2/3

(translations higher)

Q&A 3


  1. Thanks for uploading this! I couldn't find it on YouTube. I wish there were translations for the Chinese part!

    1. I've somewere posted the video with translations :) but i think it's some where later