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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

EXO-K and EXO-M topping Yin Yue V Charts

EXO-M on the Chinese Charts Is on The first place !

EXO-K on the Korean Charts Is on the second place!


  1. BEING SECOND IN THE KOREAN CHARTS BEFORE SHINHWA (the legendary idol group)isn't that a miracle? I mean EXO with just a debut song they are now placed second WOW WOW I'm so proud of them.

    1. I'm so proud Of them too! I'm like screaming when ever I see They top any charts!

  2. what do you think, its impossible for them to win in inki, mucore, mubank, or other? yeah, thy're just rookie group, but is it impossible?
    i'm really dying to see them crying on the stage when they win first award. too much imagine? oKai :)

    1. I'm already imagining that from there very first teaser!

  3. Tell us, how long do you think will it take for EXO-K to reach #1? Do you guys think they're going to win #1 with MAMA?

    Idols who took the shortest time to reach #1 were:

    CN BLUE: 15 days after their debut with “I Am a Loner“

    miss A: 22 days after their debut with “Bad Girl Good Girl“

    2NE1: 40 days after their debut with “Fire“

    F.T. Island: 55 days after their debut with “Lovesick“
    (source: Star Today via Daum)

    I personally think EXO-K will definitely win #1 if we give them our full support! Make sure to buy their singles/album physically and digitally LEGALLY! Search their name on different Korean sites,etc. EXO has been garnering a lot of attention right now and I'm sure K-EXOTICS and International EXOTICS will help EXO to win! Please give your full support and love for both EXO-K and EXO-M. Let's also support EXO-M to win awards in China, Taiwan,etc.


    1. I support EXO-K And EXO-M To win that many awards to how much they will be nominated!

  4. Thanks to the blogger for share it. I think it is impossible for them to win in inki, mucore, mubank, or other? yeah, thy're just rookie group.