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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

EXO-K at Show Champion 120424 ENG SUB

 (from the left)D.O, Se Hun, ChanYeol, Baek Hyun, Kai, Su Ho
 (from the left)D.O, Se Hun, ChanYeol, Baek Hyun, Kai, Su Ho
ChanYeol & Baek Hyun
Show Champion Intro
Mini Interview Raw
Mini Interview Part 1 ENG SUB
Mini Interview Part 2 ENG SUB
Show Champion - Performance 
Su Ho
ChanYeol, Su Ho, D.O
(from the left) Su Ho, D.O, ChanYeol, Kai, Se Hun, Baek Hyun
Se Hun & ChanYeol
Kai & Se Hun
D.O & Su Ho


  1. OMG!
    D.O!!!!!~ >.<
    Cute and.... your sexy stare?? TTATT

  2. BaekYeol is REALLLLLL!!! <3 Ohmygod! I love them sooo much!

  3. oh!oh!oh!my goddness,the show was EPIC... wait wait i can't handle myself i'm dying hahaha.ok!ok! Now i'm trying to calm down and talk about my first impression of the show.First, i was shocked in EXO-K INTRO (posivetly of course) by the military style,it suits them very much(DAEBAK).Second, when the interview begins i was like:"ah! they change the sits for the first time and put the troublemakers behind there's something going on?" but after watching the second part i was like:" i'm right,the troublemakers always surprise us and make the show hahaha". And, the big surprise of the show for me was that my little angel SEHUN talk more than one sentence omo..omo .
    and finally, the precious moment of course was BAEKYEOL AEGYO AND CUTENESS.oh! i can't handle it they're so adorable <3<3baekyeol forever<3<3<3.
    ExoTown,you're really a super admin, thank you for uploading;we need subs please...