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Monday, April 30, 2012

EXO-K Interview for MSN

ChanYeol, D.O, Su Ho, Kai, Baek Hyun, Se Hun

How do you feel after debuting for only 3 weeks?
Suho: During our first week of debut, because I was too nervous, I couldn't find the camera. In between the performances there were also some major and minor mistakes, but now that we've gotten more experience, it's getting better, we can let everyone see what we've truely prepared.

What is the happiest moment you've experienced?
Baekhyun: It is the first time when I stood on stage, the moment I've been anticipating for 7 years. It was the happiest and most meaningful moment ever. Everytime I stand on stage, fans in front would start shouting that they love EXO. The moment I got off stage, I felt so drained and my legs were trembling. My parents also said: "It feels like your heart exploded."

(Note: The 7 years that Baekhyun mentioned does not only refer to his training period. He did mention in other interviews that he's been to auditions but didn't get chosen, when SM spotted him it was during his auditions for Seoul Arts University.)

Are there responsibilities you feel like you have to fulfill?

Kai: In our company there has never been cases of failure because our company has set a steady path so far so our debut was really successful too. However we do feel the burden of not being able to be as successful as they are. But through the 100th day debut showcase we've gained a lot of courage and seen many international fans supporting us and they do make us feel like we will be able to do it.

Your debut song was a really powerful sounding song, what are your views on it?

Sehun: Because the song was written personally by Yoo Young Jin and made for SMP (sm performance). Some people have said that our song reminds them of TVXQ's debut period, and some have said that it was a really fresh concept. Maybe it's because recently boybands have been debuting with cute songs, so a strong and powerful song like MAMA would catch many people's attention. To be performing such a song, the feeling is really good.

Your performance was really fantastic
Suho: We've placed our main focus on the difference and because our song gave a really powerful vibe, our performance naturally had to give off a stronger vibe as well. We practised it for roughly a month and besides sleeping and eating what we do is just dance. Kai knows how to find his balance both on stage and practising.

Have you seen any negative comments about your group?
Kai: We wouldn't take these negative comments to heart although when we're free we do read it. So far our fans have seem to find us cute and they treat us really well.

Does your company's senior give you advice?
D.O.: TVXQ's Yunho watched our debut performance and called from Japan. We were really nervous when we answered the phone but he called to remind us to take note of our facial expressions and dance details. I feel that he is the kindest senior.

Talk about the advantages of being an SM trainee
Sehun: Firstly, food there is free, haha. The biggest advantage is to have professional dance and music instructors to carry out scheduled trainings. The company also educates us on basic mannerism classes because we do have to greet our seniors in a certain respectful manner. There are also public speaking classes, from mannerisms to responding well, we've all learnt it.

What is so different about EXO compared to other groups, debuting as twin groups?
Chanyeol: It isn't because our groups concept is slight different from others that we're proud of, but that we've been training as EXO-M and EXO-K and we're really like twins but we are one group afterall. And we're like friendly competitors. When we're filming MV as two groups, we would point out each other's mistakes so there would be improvements.

Please talk about the member's specialities.
Kai: I often here of the nickname "dance machine". Whenever I join a dance competition I would win something. In primary school year 2, I started learning ballet and I wanted to become a dancer. But after I saw shinhwa seniors' performance, I started developing an interest towards being an artiste.

Baekhyun: I look like Song Joongki, meaning you'll see Song Joongki everyday, haha, in high school I was in a music band and at Bucheon Rock Festival we won a prize. I really like mainstream songs and my favourite artists are Jamiroquai and Maroon 5.

Suho: When I was in high school my studies was pretty good, I would get 2nd or 3rd in class. In college because I had to juggle both studies and training, I gave up on studies. But most arts and sports students usually do well in their studies.

What is your aim for this year?
Suho: We are aiming to win the newcomer award because we only have one chance to do that. Our seniors have all gotten the newcomer award before and I'm afraid we wouldn't win it.\
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  1. SM now upload Music Video SNSD TTS.
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  2. i agree, they should totally win new comer award.

    ummmmm, did you hear that k-exotics, who was at the Bucheon Rock Festival, upload them quickly

    Baekhyun - you are such a ................ urghhhh, your just Baekhyun, adorable

    Suho, of course leader has to be smart

  3. I really do hope they can win the new comer award too! But you know I feel like it's a bit hard too as there are tons and tons of new groups coming out now... but hey doesn't mean they won't get the chance to win it <3! And thank you for posting the translation of the interview!!!

    1. no problem !
      + I don't see any other option than EXO winning the new comer award :D

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    Suho: We are aiming to win the newcomer award because we only have one chance to do that. Our seniors have all gotten the newcomer award before and I'm afraid we wouldn't win it.

    aish, i'm really angry!! why you talking like that in front of your kids??!! that sentences must not coming out from angelic mommy leader like you and for BEST-ROOKIE-GROUP-THIS-YEAR-CALLED-EXO!!! AISH!!!




    ah, sorry...EXO MUST WIN!!!

  5. I really want them to win the new comer award as well but..... it'cs probably going to BAP (sigh) EXO has too many haters..... (who mostly support BAP) :(