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Thursday, April 19, 2012

EXO-K Show Champion Interview -Translations


*ShinDong(SD), ShinYoung(SY)

EXO: We Are One! Hello, we are EXO-K!

SY: Great!

SD: As of yet, they are still bright!

SY: Yes. Can we have individual introductions now?

Baekhyun: Hello, I’m EXO-K’s Baekhyun.

SuHo: Hello, I’m EXO-K’s leader, SuHo.

Kai: Hello, I’m EXO-K’s Kai.

SeHun: Ye-yes, I’m EXO-K’s maknae SeHun.

(In the background SD: It’s okay, It’s okay)

D.O: Hello, I’m EXO-K’s D.O

Chanyeol: Hello, I’m EXO-K’s rapper Chanyeol.

SD: Ahh, it’s good see.

SY: Really, Spring is finally here.

SD: Why?

SY: Our recording studio is nice and warm—

SD: (points to SY’s left) But it’s so empty here.

SY: …No. Nobody was here..

SD: Ahahaha!

SY: Nobody sat here in the front two seats. (I think she was referring to the two comedians that sat there just a few moments before.)

SD: Oh, still Spring is Spring.

SD: How do you feel? Seeing them up so close?

SY: See, I’ve only heard stories about them… They’re very fine~

SD: For me, I feel like they’re the children that I raised, like—

SY: By any chance, are you their manager?

SD: Huh?

SY: Manager.

SD: I wish I could at least be their manager.

SY: You’re their Company Sunbae-nim

SD: Of course

SY: And also, from what I have heard, our EXO-K has been chosen to be the commercial models for jeans before their debut!

SD: So of course, we have prepared a confirmation log!

(SY: the singers log! *가수 등록증 = Literally means “Singer’s Confirmation Log”)

SD: If you look here, under the “Unique Info”… (*특이사항=literally means “Significant Report”)

SY: “Before debut, chosen to be the models for a jeans ad”

SD: Yeaaa, that’s so amazing.

SY: From what I see right now, they pass.

SD: What?

SY: They pass.

SD: For which?

SY:….They pass..

SD: Ahahaha. Really, to be honest, as soon as they debuted, they suddenly climbed out Show Champion charts. Just by that it shows their rising popularity. (*I think Shindong said they were placed within the “Top 9”)

SY: Well then, do the EXO-K members realize this popularity? I’m curious.

SuHo: Yes, well it hasn’t been that long since we, EXO-K, had done our first formal performance, so we don’t feel it yet. But to know that so many fans are giving us so much love, all we can do is be thankful.

SY & SD: Oooohhhh yes, yes.

SD: I wonder how many times he had practiced that speech

SY: Usually, on an A4-size paper, the group’s name, etc.—

SD: Did you see? The way he was trying to do his eye-smile while talking.

SY: Were you also like that when you were a rookie, Shindong-sshi?

SD: (nodding) Yeah.

SY: Okay. Well, there’s something interesting here. Beside each member’s name there are these words; teleportation, fire, water, earth, light, air—- ♫ (starts singing the intro song to an old children’s show)♫

SY: —only we are the ones that know this.

SD: yes, the younger kids may not know.

SY: Teleportation, fire, water, earth, light— what do these mean?

SD: Can someone explain to us?

Kai: Uh, we are beings from an unknown world called EXOPlanet….

SD: Wait a minute.

SY: Wait a minute, wait a minute.

SD & SY: Uhhhh

SD: Okay, let’s listen to them first.

SY: o-okay, we’ll give it a listen.

Kai: Yes, well, we’re all from that planet. And all the members have one special power.

SD & SY: Oooooohhhh!

Kai: Our leader SuHo-sshi, has the ability to use water like this (demonstrates with hand and puts in sound affects lol)

SD & SY: oh, like this, like this. (imitates Kai’s movement)

Kai: And our Chanyeol-sshi, has the ability to use fire and call upon a pheonix. And our Baekhyun-sshi, has the ability to use light, and uhhh….use it. (*Baekhyun LOL’s)

SD & SY: Like this, like this (imitates Baekhyun’s action)

Kai: And then, our D.O-sshi has the power of strength..

SD: What about yourself?

Kai: Uhhh, and our SeHun-sshi—

(SuHo whispers, “본인” which means, “yourself”)

Kai: Oh! And I have the ability to teleport.

(*They forgot about baby-sehun ㅜㅜ)

SD: Okay. Although we want to ask them to demonstrate this for us right here and now, I think this question is more fitting. The company made you say this, right?

EXO: awkwardly LOLs

SY: That can happen. Even you Shindong-sshi, almost became “Udonng” (=Udon)

SD: Enough of that talk.

SY: Udong

SD: Mmmmhm *cute sound* DongChun.

SY: There was DongChun too. Anyways, each member, it seems, has a different character!

SD: Yes, let’s meet some of them. Kai-sshi! The Best Dancing Machine!

SY: Best dancing machine~

SD: What will you show us?

Kai: I will show some smooth footwork

(Kai dances to a section of MAMA)

SD & SY: Wow! YEaaaah! Ooohhhh! (*sounds of praise lol)

SD: Fast!

SY: It was incredibly fast! I didn’t even see him move!

SD: You couldn’t see it (*meaning, that it was too quick for the eyes)

SY: He was like Sonic.

SD: Yes, next is—

SY: Wait. When we think of Shindong-sshi, we think of Super Junior’s Best Dancing Machine too. As the Company’s Sunbae, you should show something. Now, EXO-K everyone, I request that you sing the song.

SD: This can be really fast. 5-6-..


(Shindong tries to do Kai’s footsteps to MAMA; fails; scuffles away)

SY: Come here, come here. It was fast! Really fast. Everyone it was fast, right?

Crowd: Yes!

SY: However, time is something you can’t defy

SD: Hahaha! Now we’ll move on!

SY: Shall we? For me, what I found surprising was, Chanyeol-sshi, “a voice that differs the face” (*basically, “a voice that doesn’t match the face”)

SD: Oh? I wonder how his voice sounds?

Chanyeol: Hello, I’m EXO-K’s Chanyeol. Yes, instead of a talking, I’ll show you through a rap. The song is called, “Two moons”(두 개의 달이 뜨는 밤), and it is listed in our mini-album.

SY: Okay. 5-6-7-8!

(Chanyeol raps. *fangirls melting; ovaries exploding)

SD: I don’t know, should I say this? I thought his voice would have a twist, but all in all, he’s just good looking.

SY: Really good looking, and good at rapping too! Totally skillful. (*실력파=competent; skilled). And also, Shindong-sshi is an immediate sunbae (*referring that he and EXO are in the same company), has he told you any good know-hows or advice before your debut?

Baekhyun: Yeah

SD: Yeah

Baekhyun: At our company—

SY: (interrupts) No making stuff up

(SD: Ahaha!)

Baekhyun: Yes of course. Umm, we did have a chance to see Shindong-sunbaenim alot at the company. But since Shindong-sunbaenim is usually very busy, we never got a chance to have a genuine conversation.

SY: Ahh, in other words, he didn’t give any.

Baekhyun: Ahh, no that’s not it, ahh.

SY: couldn’t give any.

SD: Can I be honest? Today’s the first time I’m meeting them. (*초면=first meeting; for the first time)

(*Awk Laughter LOL)

SD: Ah I’m sorry. Because I’m so busy, I only said “hello” and always walked past them.

SY: That’s alright, that can happen really. Then, how about right now?

Baekhyun: If you can give us tips right now… (*he said that really softly/timidly, aww)

SD: Me right now?

Baekhyun: We’ll be really thankful…

SD: Advice? Ahh this is embarassing..

SY: If you don’t, I’m going to say what you told me in the dressing rooms.

SD: No, no. Uhhh, well if you watch their performances, they sing and dance really well. But instead of things like that, if they were to display some special talents for us, it would be good; other people would want to see it too. (*개인기=individual skills)

SY: Entertainer-idols are great (*예능돌=Entertainer + Idol; example: Kwanghee of ZE:A)

SD: They’re good at singing and dancing, but if they were also to be good in this… (points to board) anyone?

SY: Should we pick anyone?

(Crowd: Baekhyun! D.O!)

SD: Who? I personally want to see D.O-sshi

SY: D.O-sshi!

SD: D.O-sshi!

SY: D.O-sshi! (*not sure why they kept repeating his name like that rofl reminds me of the old school group DJ D.O.C the way SY and SD kept saying D.O’s name XD)

SD: D.O-sshi, are you okay with this? Ahaha, D.O-sshi seems to be panicked right now.

SY: It’s alright!

SD: He’s panicked!

SY: Let’s do this!

D.O: Yeah

SY: You have to have at least one thing right?

D.O: Hello, my name is D.O. Umm I’ll show an impersonation.

SD & SY: Ohh that’s good!

D.O: Yes, I’ll impersonate Oh KwangRok-sunbaenim. (*movie actor)

SD: Okay, aaaaaand, start!

D.O: (imitating voice) “ooohhgg, it’s cold”

Everyone LOL’s

SD: He can do really good!

SY: He’s good, he’s good!

SD: Okay then, we’ll ask Oh KwangRok-sshi right now, how will you be seeing EXO-K’s performance today?

D.O: (imitating voice) “ooohhhgg, Oh KwangRok, EXO-K is cool!”

SY: Ohh he’s got some sense!

SD: I thought he wouldn’t be able to do it, but he’s actually rather good!

SY: He’s did so good!

SD: I’m sorry.

SY: Honestly, because Shindong-sshi is their sunbae, he was going to “hard-train” them by making them do difficult things. But they’re doing really good!

SD: I have nothing left to make them do.

SY: Yes yes.

SD: Okay, then from here we’ll ask them about MAMA, what’s it about? Who’s in charge of explaining it?

D.O: Yes!

SY: Ooh, it’s D.O’s responsibility.

D.O: Yes, our title song MAMA… uhh, (whispers)wait a minute, our-title-song-MAMA, is a song where, through our Gregory Chants and gallant orchestra sound, you are able to see our strong performance. We hope you anticipate and love it. Thank you. (*Gregorian chant is the central tradition of Western plainchant, a form of monophonic liturgical music; search it up for more info)

SY: Wow really. He has memorized it word for word.

SD: What can I say, the company gave him that A4-size paper.

SY: Do they?

SD: To make sure you speak how it’s written.

SY: They give you two sheets

SD: Yes that’s rig—Oh! how did you know?

SY: I’ve seen it alot

SD: Oh that’s right. Okay, our EXO’s performance (looks to EXO-K) please get ready…

-EXO-K does alot of bowing before they leave-

Cr: wordsofdust


  1. oh My little babies are a little bit awkward and that's normal but don't you think guys, that the two MC's are harsh on them? I mean they're still rookies and have too much to learn about the entertainement field. Even shindong ssi was once a rookie and know how it feels.
    By the way,i appreciate a lot their manners and that's for me what a true star is (manners,responsibility and team work this EXO).
    Exo, all the exotics know that uou have as much amazing persionnal skills to show as your singing and dancing abilities, so keep working hard and never give up fightiiiiing.
    AAAAAAAH; i'm sooooo angry of the MCs that i forget to stop writing HAHAHAH

    1. Hah:) don't worry u can write as much and what ever you like.
      Lately I can't reply to all the comments couse the server Is breaking down. - blogspot already gave me a meassege about that. T^T but Don't you viewers think that I don't read the comments! I always do! <3

    2. omg you really have a feel exactly same with me!! i'm more disappointed because one of the MC is their company sunbae!! i don't know but i feel Shindong not really like EXO like Leeteuk or SHINee or even TVXQ. i hope the rest member of SM Town will be support them more!! they exactly know all the burden in EXO, so i wanna ask to Shindong...WHY???

      i'm an ELF, but REALLY show me a different side of you...and it's negative side!!! Sorry :(

  2. I'm totally agreed,thay were so harsh but i believe that one day those boys will again the respect and the bows of the industry and at that day no one can look down on them ohhhhh! I'm still angry

  3. I mean agree not "agreed" i'm sorry i was on rush