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Thursday, April 12, 2012

EXO-M 120412 YOUKU INTERVIEW [Video and translations]

EXO-M Interview at YouKu:
(from the left) Kris, Lay, Lu Han, Chen, Tao

EXO-M greetings 
Part 1 ENG SUB
Part 2 ENG SUB
Part 3 ENG SUB
Part 4 ENG SUB
Part 5 ENG SUB
Part 6 ENG SUB
Host: Hello everyone I am the host for today’s youku star show and I’m really glad because it’s the first time since I’ve hosted that we have lot of unmarried boys in the studio today but also kind of afraid because there are almost 100 single ladies out there so I’m afraid after this interview they would come after me. We’ll watch a small part of the mv first and then you’ll introduce yourselves, alright?

(MV plays and group introduction)

Host: The MV is really cool I’ve seen the effects on your face. Was it by makeup or?

Kris: Yes it’s by makeup and all of them have different patterns

Host: Okay can we have all of you introduce yourselves?

Kris: Hello everyone I am EXO-M’s leader Kris

Lay: Hello everyone I am EXO-M’s lead dancer Lay

Host: Lead dancer, you must be really strong at dance!

Lay: Not really, there’s definitely room for improvement!

Luhan: Hello everyone I am EXO-M’s lead singer and dancer, Luhan

Xiumin: Hello everybody I am EXO-M’s xiumin, my role in the group is to sing and dance!

Host: Xiumin is from korea right?

Xiumin: Yes I am

Host: Annyeonghaseyo! What about chen?

Chen: Hello everyone I am EXO-M’s lead singer Chen!

Host: Also Korean? Welcome

Tao: Hello everyone I’m EXO-M’s youngest member Tao and I focus on rapping, dance and martial arts

Host: I’ve heard that you’ve won many competitions and many years of experience? When was the first time you won a competition?

Tao: When I was in primary school and I won a national competition

Host: How old you are now?

Tao: I’m 19 this year

Host: I am really happy today because there are so

many handsome young men here with me! Let’s hope everyone have fun during this interview, please don’t be nervous and just relax! Today we have many viewers across the internet too so youku has prepared 3 questions where you can win EXO-M signed gifts! You’ve recently released a mini single titled MAMA, would anyone like to talk more about it?

Kris: Can we have the Korean members introduce it

Xiumin: MAMA is a song with a really strong concept which brings out the member’s charms as well. In addition to it we have the screaming and the dance break in the song to make it sound more mysterious

Host: All of you are really cute and fresh now but during the MV it was a total change!

Kris: It’s basically the concept for our MV this time gives the really manly and strong feel

Host: So did all of you take part in the costume selections as well?

Kris: No this was set by the company

Host: Just now when the video was aired I realized that everyone dances really well and very in synced, really neatly

Lay: Because every member has gone through a lot of dance training after entering the company so

Host: So everyone has been training in korea before debut?

Kris: Yes a lot of training, and everyone has different things to focus on but there are a range of things we’ve trained for, for example singing, dancing, acting, language and playing instrutments

Host: During training were there times when it was really tough and you’ve wanted to give up or are there any challenging moments you’ve experienced?

Kris: Because I’ve been training for quite some time, 4 years. And because training timing I tight so I don’t really have the chance to go home.

Host: Do you ever feel lonely because you can’t go


Kris: Not really I have my brothers, EXO

Lay: My training period was also 4 years and because I really enjoy dancing and singing a lot, I haven’t experienced many hardships

Host: How many days do you train a day?

Lay: Not really sure, we just practice when we wake up, eat twice a day and continue practicing till around midnight.

Host: I heard that training in korea you have to sweat through your shirt to actually consider it a practice

Lay: Pretty much, we normally bring 2 to 3 tshirts a day

Host: No wonder all of you are so skinny, what about you luhan?

Luhan: For me it’s similar to Kris, I do miss my family a lot as well

Host: So what do you do when you miss them?

Luhan: I ….. just miss

Host: Do you call home often? Like do you just tell your parents only the good things and keep all the upset feelings to yourself?

Luhan: Nope I don’t really call home often either so when I miss them I’ll just miss silently

Host: Typical boys don’t really cry much so ah it’s pretty sad no wonder your song is MAMA. For xiumin maybe it isn’t that bad because you’re Korean?

(xiumin speaks)

Host: Do you all understand? Can we have someone translate it?

Kris: He says because xiumin enjoys dancing and singing so that part isn’t that hard. Mainly because the company requires them to be slimmer and he really enjoys eating so it’s slightly harder on that part

Host: Does the company limit what you can or cannot eat?

Xiumin: No the company doesn’t really go hard on this diet issues, it’s on his own part to control his diet

Host: What happens if the others are eating and you’re dieting?

Xiumin: That’s basically the hardest part, when I really want to eat but can’t

Host: What about Chen?

Chen: I’m the type who eats a lot too much won’t get fat

Host: Are you trying to drive xiumin mad!!!!!!!

Chen: Training is hard, filming and waiting for the clip to be release is also hard but it’s all worth it when we see the end product of it we are really glad and comforted

Host: What’s the most memorable event of yours during

training, Tao?

Tao: Can I have some time to think?

Host: Hahaha sure

Tao: I miss the times when we trained as 6 because now that we’ve debuted training time would decrease

largely. In the past we would train and eat together for long hours so yes that is the most memorable period and we would never go back to those times so I would really remember it

Host: So those times because you’ve done everything as group, are there any things that have touched all of you or any gossips that have happened

Kris: Yes there’s quite a lot and it’s hard to just mention one since we’ve been living and training as EXO for a year so we have basically been a group for quite some time. So we are always as one group. We cry together, we sweat together, we work hard together.

Host: So speaking of SM, there have been many really successful artist like DBSK and Super Junior, among them are there any that are your favourites? Before training have you heard of them before?

Kris: Yes definitely

Lay: It’s more of respecting our seniors than liking them.

Host: So they are your seniors and you respect them a lot? And in the teasers we have seen that there is another group called EXO-K right? Talk more of them please

Kris: EXO-M focuses on the china market while EXO-K focuses on the Korean one

Host: And you guys are really popular initially when the teaser was released and I updated my weibo about it, I got about 500 reposts after that, they were all your fans. Speaking of which, will there be times where you will perform together with EXO-M and EXO-K?

Kris: Yes, there will definitely be. For now we are focusing on the promotions in China but when there are company activities or music events we will perform together.

Host: So do you all just promote apart from K or do you live together as well?

Chen: We are like brothers with EXO-K, when they were training they would eat and go shopping altogether so when we return to korea in the future we hope to be able to have a gathering and a meal with them

Host: Bring me along! I’ve also heard that today is sehun’s birthday so since is a live show, why not send him a birthday message!

Luhan: Sehun ah, today is your birthday and I hope you’ll stay happy and blessed this year, if there’s anything you’re worry about, confide in me and I’ll help you solve it

Host: In the next segment we’ve going to let EXO-M try Beijing food. I heard that Luhan is from Beijing? After we’ve finished let’s have luhan introduce the kinds of food to you. Let’s try the yellow one first

Kris: Oh I ate something else already

(failed attempt at guessing the food)

Host: Luhan please tell them what is it

(luhan guesses it)

Host: Let’s try the next one, light yellow in color! Ah this is the best this is really my favourite

Tao: I don’t have that!

Host: Oh poor boy here have mine

Host: What about the next one, Tao do you have it?

Kris: I ate mine already

(Luhan can’t guess it)

Tao: That’s bean paste bun!

Host: Where are you from?

Tao: Qing dao

Host: What about the last one let’s try it

Luhan: You tiao?

Host: No it looks like youtiao but it isn’t. You can finish everything on your plate! I’ve also heard that one member in your group has a nickname golden bun? Who is it and why?

Xiumin: Me. I don’t even know how we derived at that name just one day they started to call me golden bun, Luhan why?

Luhan: Because the first time we met Xiumin he was really fair and cuddly, really cute and he looks like a bun (He almost said胖胖 but held it in)

Host: You almost said fat didn’t you! So it’s not because you really like eating bun in real life?

Luhan: He does!

Xiumin: Yes I do like eating buns too

Host: Then let’s go to Tian jin one of these days,

they have the best buns!

Xiumin: Ok let’s go together!

Host: Can we hear all of your nicknames? Share some with us please. Kris what is lay’s nickname?

Kris: I don’t know, lay what nickname do you have?

Lay: Xin tuo

Host: What xin tuo?

Lay: Back in our hometown tuo represented something really cute that’s why xin tuo

Host: What nickname does Kris have? Someone expose him please

Tao: Can I say?

Host: Of course you can, don’t be so formal!

Tao: Cowboy

Host: Why cowboy?

Kris: There was this time before debut when I was

crossing a road with Tao and fans took a video of us and I was wearing a denim jacket then. Plus my name wasn’t revealed then so fans called me cowboy

Host: What about luhan? Does he have any?

Luhan: No I don’t have one

Lay: I’ve seen one which is Marilyn Monroe, because he

appears a little girly

Host: Oh luhan let’s do the Marilyn Monroe pose! Do it with me

(Luhan is shy so he failed)

Lay: He’s a little shy

Host: So normally he’s the cutest one right. What

about Xiumin? Is it just golden bun?

Xiumin: Little fatty

Host: You’re so cute, let me tell you, if someone mocks themself it’s the funniest and the cutiest! You’re not fat! What about chen?

Chen: I don’t haveone

Kris: He does, it’s mandarin orange because “chen” means orange in mandarin!

Host: So does this mean Tao’s nickname is peach? (Tao means peach in Chinese)

Tao: Yes it is

Host: Next up let’s test your understand towards each

other, point at the member you think fits the situation

1. Member who is the most popular among girls? Kris and Luhan

Host: How are they popular among girls? How far does

the popularity go?

Tao: When I walk on the streets with leader girls will be wowed by him as we walk past them!

Host: What about luhan?

Kris: He’s really pretty, he has the more distinct look among us

Host: If you’re talking about pretty it should be me!

Kris: Yes you are really pretty too

2. Who is the neatest in the team? Xiumin

Host: Little Bun it is you! How clean is he, is there a really bad habit of his?

Kris: No it’s just he’s really neat and he packs the blankets and clothes very well, he packs his bed immediately after waking up

3. Who is the laziest?

Everyone: No one is

Host: Must be me then! I’m really glad and I hope

everyone has fun during the interview, don’t be nervious

Host: It is time for our 2nd question and prize give away! When was your single released? Leader would you like to give some hint?

Kris: 9th April

Host: Since there are 4 chinese members and 2 korean members, are there any little jokes that have been created because of the miscommunication?

Kris: Yes there is because at the start there was this

language barrier and of course there would be funny incidents occurring

Lay: I’m a pretty daring person so there’s no problem with communications

Luhan: I’ve learnt Korean for a pretty long time so theres not much of a problem for me

Host: Ah I see it seems that for Chinese members there are not much funny incidents how about the Korean members? Xiumin would you like to tell us a funny incident in Chinese?

Xiumin: Sorry ( in Chinese)

Kris: Actually there’s a really funny mistake that Tao made, ask him

Tao: Actually it’s really funny. When I just entered the company I didn’t know any Korean at all and because I used to watch a lot of Korean dramas and they would call brothers “oppa”. I didn’t know it was for girls only so when the staff introduced me to the trainees there and I saw xiumin the first thing I said was “Annyeonghasaeyo Oppa!”

Xiumin: When he was training that day, this boy just suddenly came in and shouted “Oppa Annyeonghasaeyo” and he was taken aback because oppa was only called by girls but then a sunshine boy came in and greeted him that. But after that he got told by staff that Tao was a Chinese trainee so that was a miscommunication

Host: What are your plans for the future then?

Kris: For now we are just focusing on the Chinese market and we hope that during this period of time more seniors would recognize us as a mainland band because we debuted here and we are a Chinese band, not Korean.

Host: We have a gift for EXO, this is the youku website that we’ve started for you to upload your photos and videos of your daily lives and we’ll tell you guys the password so you can upload them for your fans, we hope you like it

EXO: Thank you so much!

Host: Let’s talk about your first impression of others, Tao who gave you the deepest impression?

Tao: Kris, because he was really handsome and really cool. I didn’t there to get near him but after knowing him I found him really nice and he’s really responsible as the leader. Everyone loves kris because kris takes care of us very well, cooking for us and buying them medicine when sick. It’s not really a good meal but he cooks for us

Chen: My deepest impression was of Tao because he’s really manly and really tall and knows martial arts

Xiumin: My deepest impression was of Chen because I was clueless and helpless about singing and Chen taught me some techniques so I’m really appreciative

Luhan: I had the deepest impression of xiumin because he’s especially cute and I thought he was younger. When we were training he would take care of me and treat me to food but I do treat him too!

Lay: My impression of luhan was the deepest because he’s handsome and pretty and really pretty too. Luhan is a really good friend and there was this time when I injured my back from practice earlier that day and the manager wasn’t home so luhan and chen took me to the hospital and took really good care of me. I was really touched then, of course the rest of the members take care of me too

Kris: My impression of Lay was that he was really hardworking and persevered because he practices extra long hours when it isn’t required by the company.

Host: So what are the things you normally do during your free time?

Kris: I composes lyrics and does sports

Lay: I compose music and play the guitar when I’m free

Host: So the both of you are match made pair! One composes music and the other writes lyrics. Will we see pieces and collaborations of your composition in the upcoming albums?

Kris: Yes

Host: What about you Luhan?

Luhan: I normally play soccer with little bun a lot

Xiumin: It’s Xiumin!

Host: So who gains more goals?

Luhan: Usually it’s me

Host: What about you Xiumin?

Xiumin: Soccer with luhan, do exercises and after that

we would go for a good meal

Chen: Singing, listening to music.

Host: Don’t any of you play computer games?

Chen: No I don’t really like playing computer games

Tao: Yoga, not the ordinary yoga but the kind that

trains my flexibility

Host: Now we’ll play a little game, please open up the paper that you are holding and refer to the member that fits the description

(Kris: The cutest)

Host: Is that you?

Kris: I wished it was but it isn’t. Maybe luhan, he is the cutest among us

Host: So luhan can we have a 3-aegyo action

(luhan fails)

Host: What about a buing buing then, to give fans some


(luhan is shy again)

Lay: He’s really shy

Host: Lay I see that you’re always coming to luhan’s


Lay: I’m a good friend!

Kris: We all are

(Lay: Fashionista)

Host: Who’s the fashionista of the group? Or the vain


Everyone: Kris

Host: So do you help your members with their fashion?

Kris: No I do not help them choose their clothes, just

at times they would ask me for advice or where to shop for clothes

(Luhan: The strongest member)

Everyone: Xiumin

Host: We have a tryout here, this towel is already half dry so all of you have to help wring it dry and then we will see if xiumin can still squeeze any water out!

(does the game)

Host: You really are the strongest guy!

(Xiumin: Wittiest, smartest)

Everyone: Kris

Host: So does kris have a really good memory or does he speak really well, can he bargain well when buying things?

Xiumin: Because in their daily lives Kris is the really mature on who takes his responsibilities very well so everyone really looks up to him

(Chen: Most organized)

Host: Why xiumin?

Chen: Because xiumin packs and organizes his things

really well, this will be this and that will be that

Tao: Fiercest and stronger one

Host: Who do you think is the fiercest on stage?

Tao: I think it’s me

Host: We’re almost at the end of this show so I think it’s time for our last question. Can we have EXO-M ask fans the last questions for the contest?

Kris: I’ll ask? What is luhan’s favourite sport?

Host: We did mention this just now, his hobby is similar to xiumin’s, right? Hehehe and can we have all of you end this interview by singing a part of MAMA?

(Boys sing it)

Host: All the fans out there please follow our website for updates on EXO, and I hope fans would give them more support! EXO, do you have anything you would like to say to your fans?

Kris: Ever since returning to china you have been giving us a lot of surprises, i hope we would have more chances to meet you guys thank you

Lay: thank you for your support, we’ll continue to work hard

Luhan: thank you for your support and we’ll present an even better stage next time

Xiumin: thank you to all the fans for your endless support and we’ll present even better stages next time to repay your support

Chen: Please look forward to more of our performances we haven’t debuted for long but we’ve already got so many fans, thank you so much

Tao: We are all really touched by all the fan’s support and concern and so we will continue to work hard, we are the 12 of us, we are one

Host: Hope that you’ll be really successful in the chinese market, I will continue supporting EXO too, thank you for coming to youku’s star chat

End of Interview

Translated by @heechvl


  1. Kris: For now we are just focusing on the Chinese market and we hope that during this period of time more seniors would recognize us as a mainland band because we debuted here and we are a Chinese band, not Korean.

    yeah, you tell them leader

    1. SO TRUE! Kris Is the Best in kindly stumping someone in the ground! ^^ I Love that In him!

  2. Luhan: Sehun ah, today is your birthday and I hope you’ll stay happy and blessed this year, if there’s anything you’re worry about, confide in me and I’ll help you solve it..


    when in the backstage of M!Countdown, they took a picture together with birthday cake. everyone smile EXCEPT Sehun!! whyyyyy????? you are sad because Luhan not by your side today? :(


    Kris: For now we are just focusing on the Chinese market and we hope that during this period of time more seniors would recognize us as a mainland band because we debuted here and we are a Chinese band, not Korean => YOU'RE THE BEST KRIS!!!