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Sunday, April 8, 2012

EXO-M Controversy on Yin Yue Feng Yun Bang part 1

I know I've Already added this video but watch it again after reading the few sentences I'll post.

There are all kinds of things that the host and other groups said either directly or indirectly about EXO-M, EXO-M as a whole was super polite and handled the awkward situation well. Proud of them! I think that

0:57 - Host to screaming fans: They are Korean so they don’t understand Chinese, it doesn’t matter how much loud you all scream.

1:03 - Kris: actually, we have 4 Chinese members so we can understand Chinese.

(HAHAHA Nice Job Kris. Polite yet to the point^^ )

2:37 - The other two groups on stage were paying respect to a veteran singing duo and Lu Han also showed support by singing a famous verse by the veteran duo.

2:53 - Kris said a bunch of nice things like how they all listened to the veteran duo’s songs while growing up, and that the veteran duo’s songs made their youth brighter…etc

(when you are in China, you just got to play by its rules and pay respects to all their Chinese sunbaes, so wise move by Lu Han & Kris. Especially Lu Han, he sounded really genuine)

3:02 - don’t know who it is, but one of the member of the other two groups commented in a sarcastic tone after Kris’ nice words: “philosophical…”

3:10 - A member of the pink-clothed group started talking about how while there are so many groups nowadays competing for market share, it’s important to support home-grown idol groups because Chinese should be united (implying that EXO-M is not “home-grown,” which is totally not fair because the Chinese members, except Kris, in EXO-M grew up in China!)

Apparently in the veteran duo group’s award acceptance speech, they even made some comments on how the idol group on stage left (in the beginning of the video) can surpass idol groups from Korea. I don’t think they were directly targeting EXO-M, they were just trying to encourage the idol group industry in China since it’s still in the initial developing stages, far behind Korea’s idol-production machines. Though their comments were insensitive considering that EXO-M from SME Korea who just serenaded them was still on stage at that time, I think that’s forgivable given that they are veterans and also did not know about EXO-M at that time. However, the pink-clothed group should not have made those bitter comments because they were of the same rookie status.

I guess much of the controversy surrounding this can be attributed to the fact that EXO-M is new and people in China have not had much exposure to them yet. Also the impressive fanchant for EXO in the audience were a sharp contrast to the somewhat muted fanchants for the other groups, therefore, the host and the other groups had to make light of the situation by doing some encouragements. I think that with time, EXO-M will be able to appeal more to the masses in China by demonstrating their associations with Chinese culture and impressing them with pure talent, which has no boundaries.:)

So EXO fans in China, don’t be too hot-headed and start bashing the veteran group or the other two rookie groups on stage! Face all difficulties with a smile like EXO!

Source: @loveexo
(From left): Kris, Lay, Lu Han, Xiu Min, Chen, Tao


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