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Friday, April 27, 2012

EXO-M official site update [Chen]

We are one!
Hello everyone I am EXO-M's Chen~! ^^
I'm really happy to be able to write this letter to all of you!! Hehe
I'm doing really really well in China~
The food is really good and the members take care of me alot so I'm really comfortable here. kekeke
Ah! Also, I have a lot of time to practise chinese language!!
Today we've received Indonesia's Super Show invitation to perform on stage, and to be able to stand and perform on the same stage as our seniors, I feel really contented and driven in my heart, but also really nervous ... T_T
We're really thankful for the invitation to perform on stage with our seniors, we'll definitely show your our charms!!
Super Junior Fighting!! EXO Fighting!! Ke ke ke
Fans!! Thank you so much for all your care and concern shown to EXO <3
Although I can't say a few thankful sentences to all of you individually, I'll use even more interesting and fasciniating performances and songs to show my grattitude ^_^
Please continue to give us attention!! <3

trans by heechvl


  1. Chen ssi fightiiiing. you're doing very well in china.
    AH! exotown viewers are approximately 230 thousands. good job oktawia keep it <3<3<3<3

    1. Trololololo ::33 over 230000 views. When It'll reach over 300 000 i'm gonna make a contest.

    2. contest??

      yeah~ congrattulation~ congratulation~ ^^

    3. when I read "congratulations" I automatically see Onew :D

  2. oh my EXO-M
    i'm so so so sorry
    i cant watch you all in my country, i have't any money to watch you all

    i'm promise i must meet you all sometime
    maybe all members of EXO will show in Indonesia??
    and i'll to go, i'm promise
    :* :* :* :*