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Friday, April 27, 2012

EXO-M official site update [Lay]

Hello everybody, I am Lay from EXO-M.
It feels great that we have finished our promotion in Changsha.
It is the first time we record this popular program , the hosts of this show, xie na jie, he lao shi, wei jia ge, hai tao ge, wu xin jie and also all the staff and director of this show took great care of us.
I can also feel the support and passion from my hometown friends, and thanks to those who came to support us from other places.
And fans who welcomed us at the airport in Korea, really thank you very much!
With this happy mood, we also get the chance to be on the same stage as our seniors, Super junior, and we took the same plane to Indonesia, we are very honored to be able to come here and attend Super Junior’s concert.
Indonesia is really hot, just like our passion. We will continue to work hard and do our best!
Thank you to all those who have been supporting us~


trans: exo-plosion.tumblr


  1. oooooo

    i spot typo

    it should have been "Indonesia is very hot, just like ourselves"

    my bias in EXO-M is LAY
    i love lay

    yess, i'm agree with you Lay
    in my country Indonesia is very hot
    and here i never feel snow, my country not like korea

    i hope i can meet you LAY
    :* :* :* :* :* :* :*
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    i'm support you all
    mmmmuuuuuaaaaahhhhh :*

    1. If u really belive in something that it'll be real. :) One day You're gonna meet Lay!

  3. Hello I would like to ask you a question.. The members of exo-k : Suho, sehun, kai ... have Facebook? It is why I have added to my facebook but I don't think that they are :s

    1. SuHo Se Hun Or Kai don't have FaceBook. The you added are people that are only saying they are One of EXO members to gain popularity. :(

    2. Really :(
      I regret having accepted them
      thanks for replying :)
      Thought it was them because they put very personal photos ... it is rare :S

    3. No problem i'm here 24/7 and where ever what ever you'll ask me i'll replay:) that's my job.
      The personal photos are maybe from people that are braking in to there cell Phones and hacking there pics and sending them on there twitters. There are some people that actually have some pics that u can't find anywhere else. And there really private like stanind in front of a mirror or pre debut ones. But don't worry:) u can always come here and ask for advice^^ I'll always replay.

  4. Here im my country tunisia the weather is so hot too. I think indonesia is soo similar to the arab countries it doesn't snow too much like in korea. Fightiing INDONISIAN EXOTICS and please take care of our Exo :D

  5. sorry Lay, but it's a tropical island so it's very hot! take care of your health and hope you treated well in here!! just ignore the childish ELF in SS4 concert!! there's so much ELF also love EXO as Super Junior little brother, remember that!!

    and...sorry i can't attend SS4 and see all of you tonight!! yeah...desperate!! but i already promise to God...i will really really fight to attend EXO's first concert!! I PROMISE!!!

    1. yes! This is the EXOTIC spirit fightiiing Fitri