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Sunday, April 29, 2012

EXO-M Official Update [Tao]

Hi~ Dear fans, hello everyone, I am EXO-M's Little Kungfu Panda Tao! Haha

I'm in indonesia right now~ You all miss me don't you, haha

The weather is really warm here, but the environment is really good. Yesterday we joined Super Junior seniors at their concert and my god, it was really awesome!

Super Junior senior's fans are really passionate, and after it ended we went for dinner together.

It's not tiring and hard for me, why? Because all of you are loving us!

I was really touched, and thank you for all your support, I love you.

In the future we will meet each and everyone of you fans who love us as 12, to let everyone see the amazing EXO ♥

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  1. panda taaooo!
    I'll waiting for 12 of you come to indonesia!!!

  2. Gahhh! :3
    He's just too adorable! >.<
    Tao's birthday is coming soon!