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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

EXO-M 120410 Sina Star Chat Full Interview + ENG translation


Video with ENG SUB

MAMA MV was played at the start of the chat
Host: Welcome to sina’s star chat, at the beginning we’ve already seen their debut MV, and our guests for today would be SM’s new boyband, EXO-M. Please welcome them here

Host: Please introduce yourself to everyone

EXO-M: We are EXO-M!

Host: We hope that through this sina chat fans can interact with EXO. Previously we say MAMA’s MV, is there a possibility that you can perform that live for us?

Kris: Yes, Lay, Lu Han and Xiu Min, please.

(Lay, Lu Han and Xiu Min performs one part from mama)

Host: That was awesome, we have a lot of fans present today, what do you think of our EXO-M?

Fans: Handsome, really good

Host: EXO-M’s hand gesture i the thumbs up am I right?

Kris: Yes

Host: What does it mean?

Kris: It represents EXO aiming to be an influential music band, and it also represents the 12 of us, that we are one.

Host: Since all 6 of you are present, would you do an individual introduction please?

(Member introduction)

Host: Can we have members introduce what MAMA is all about? Maybe Chen?

Kris: MAMA’s concept is basically really powerful and strong, be it makeup or song wise, it gives everyone this strength,this mysterious feeling. Besides because EXO is a performance kind of group, so on stage the set has a really grand setup too

Host: Your song MAMA has won many fans’ heart, everyone has been talking about it on the net and searching for ways to decipher the MV itself, can someone please talk more about what the members are doing in the MV?

And what are the ways that you will introduce yourselves as as group?

Kris: EXO-M basically derives from EXOPlanet, which means we come from another planet, like an unknown ground so EXO is the short from. Our groups distinct quality is the split into EXO-M and EXO-K which would focus on different markets; China and Korea. We would perform the same songs, at the same time, just in different languages.

Host: I have scene that the members have different signs, does that represent your planet symbols? And did you choose it yourselves?

Kris: No it wasn’t chosen by us

Host: But your symbols were distributed according to your personality?

Kris: You can say that, and we can have the members introduce their own

Host: We can start from the maknae Tao

Tao: My sign represents time control, I can make time stop.

Chen: Mine actually symbolizes lightning which is given off from a ring

Xiu Min: I apologize for not speaking in chinese because I’m not really strong in that language yet but I’ll work hard to learn it so that I can interact with everyone more next time. My symbol is similar to a snowflake, which also means I can melt everything

Lu Han: I can move objects with my mind

Lay: Mine represents a unicorn, which means I have healing powers

Kris: I can fly, my symbol represents a dragon

Host: So I heard that luhan is from Beijing, have you gone home to visit yet?

Lu Han: So far I haven’t, we came here only on the 9th after out debut on the 8th in Shenzhen so I haven’t got the time to go home yet.

Host: Will there still be activities like this in the upcoming few weeks?

Lu Han: Currently I am unsure of this but I’ve contacted my parents

Host: We have a gift for Lu Han, please watch it.

(The vcr dedicated to luhan was played)

Host: We saw luhan’s teacher mentioning that Lu Han has now a larger popularity than she does, and she also mentioned luhan’s dream. Lu Han do you still remember this dream?

Lu Han: My dream was to become a singer because I really love singing

Host: So how did you join SM?

Lu Han: Actually I went overseas to korea to study in 2008 but I never got a chance to interact with the entertainment world so I was a little disappointed. But one day when I was shopping in Myeongdong with few friends I got spotted by an SM official.

Host: How did the other members join SM?

Kris: We all joined SM through different ways, personally I joined SM after getting through the global auditions in canada, that was during 2007

Lay: I joined in 2008 at wuhan

Xiu Min: I joined in 2008 after winning a competition

Chen: 2011 when I won the championship at a singing competition and SM chose me

Tao: In 2011 when I won a competition in China, Qing Dao

Host: In SM there are many amazing and famous seniors, for example super junior and tvxq. Have these seniors given you support and help?

Lay: I’ve worked with SHINee once and they’ve given me a lot of help and care ever since.

Host: Do the other members have a senior that you aim to be like?

Kris: Actually every one of our seniors are perefect, and they all give us a lot of help

Lay: All of them are our targets, we aim to be like them

Kris: We hope to be able to do a collaboration with them one day, to be able to stand and perform on the same stage

Host: Of course, we will look forward to that. All of you have your different roles in the band, would you like to talk more about it?

Kris: I am EXO-M’s leader and I’m in charge of the rap. (Kris did a rap from two moons)

Tao: Rap and wushu

Lay: Lead dancer

Luhan: Lead singer and dancer

Chen: Lead singer (Lu Han and Chen did a part from baby don’t cry)

Xiu Min: I mainly focus on the screaming part in a song, but dancing and singing too (Xiu Min sang an JJLin song)

Host: Can we have Tao perform one small part too?

Tao: Do I sing or dance?

Host: Dance, or show us your martial arts skills

Fans: He’s carrying waist injuries

Host: Oh then performing martial arts probably won’t be suitable, how is your waist now Tao?

Tao: It is a lot better now, thank you. (Tao did a rap from two moons too)

Lay did a dance break from history

Host: Thank you our 6 really cute members from EXO-M for the individual performances. Speaking of which, everyone is interested to know what your dorm life is like in Korea. Luhan, who do you share a room with?

Luhan: In korea, my roommates are kris and xiumin. Lay and chen in one room and Tao shares a room with the manager

Host: Is he getting special treatment or?

Luhan: No it’s not that, it’s because at the beginning Tao’s korean wasn’t that good so he needed to learn more korean and communicate

Host: So Luhan kris and xiumin have formed a small family, do you all split the chores at the dorms?

Luhan: We don’t have much work to do. We pretty much just practise, sleep, wake up.

Host: Well there ought to be someone who wakes up everyone else, Kris is that your role since you’re the leader?

Luhan: There’s an alarm

Xiumin: I’ll normally greet when I wake up

Host: Who’s the laziest? Who usually refuses to get out of bed?

Xiumin: Kris

Host: So Kris is usually the one who doesnt want to get out of bed?

Kris: A little, it’s not that bad!

Host: Between the three of you in one room, are there any weird habits while sleeping?

Lay: Luhan doesn’t like others on his bed, he’ll kick them off if anyone gets on.

Host: Luhan can you expose someone else’s weird habit? Does Kris have any?

Luhan: Kris speaks in his sleep, he speaks in english, korean and sometimes even cantonese. At times I don’t understand what he says

Kris: Sometimes even I can’t understand the languages that I’m speaking, it’s a little confusing.

(Kris did his intro in cantonese)

Host: Does anyone want to expose Tao and Chen?

Tao: Nope we generally don’t have many weird habits

Host: Luhan do you want to expose their habits? You’ve already mentioned one, another wouldn’t hurt

Luhan: I’m not too sure about that

Host: Living together in the dorms, there must be interesting things that happened? I’ve heard about the members sharing underwear in the dorms, like grabbing and wearing, is there such thing?

Luhan: Nope we don’t

Lay: We change socks

Kris: Yeah socks

Host: Do you guys wash your socks only when it’s dirty or?

Kris: We wash our socks everyday because during practise we sweat a lot

Tao: We wash our own socks

Host: Do you wear other people’s socks?

Lay: Because most of our socks are white, we don’t really care whose socks are they, we’ll just grab and where

Host: Who likes eating tidbits the most?

Luhan: Maybe Lay, he really loves tidbits a lot

Host: What sort of tidbits do you eat?

Lay: Sweet, salty, basically anything that is nice

Host: But you’re really skinny. Also we’ve mentioned that Tao is the youngest, I’ve heard that in korea there’s a tradition that the youngest do the chores, is it that way for you, Tao?

Tao: Perhaps this happens for korean groups but not for EXO-M. We clear our respective plates and do our own chores, it’s a good habit.

Host Do the other members take care of you?

Tao: Yes for example Kris, because when I just joined I couldn’t speak korean well so leader helped me a lot, he talks sense into me. The other members are really nice to me too.

Host: Kris, have you met with any difficulties as the leader so far?

Kris: Because EXO’s concept is slightly special, we have korean and chinese members mixed together and there is bound to be a language barrier. But after awhile our relationships got better and we became like brothers. I’m trying my best as the leader since SM gave me this role.

Host: Can we play a little game, I’ll list a question and you’ll point at the member who fits the situation most perfectly.

1. Who is the cutest? Luhan. Member’s reason being he naturally looks innocent and blur. With that really lost facial expression.

2. Who does aegyo the most? Tao.

Host: Does Tao’s aegyo work on you, kris?

Kris: Yes, it’s pretty useful. I’ve got no choices since he’s the little brother so I’ll give in to him.

Lay: It works only in certain situations. If it’s not cute, then no it won’t work. Tao’s buing buing is the cutest.

Host: Tao please do it. (Tao does it)

Lay: He always does this action when he wants to go somewhere and needs accompaniment

3. Who’s the funniest? Xiumin

Luhan: Perhaps because our relationship is really good, so xiumin does really cute actions to us, he makes everyone laugh

Lay: Xiumin’s trademark action is his shaking of heads

(Xiumin does the action)

4. In the band, who’s the most popular among girls? Luhan and Kris

Host: Can we choose a specific member?

Xiumin: They are both almost the same, we can’t really tell the difference between their popularity levels.

Tao: In my opinion it depends on the situation. Kris’ image is really mature, he gives the really man feel so girls who are older will like him. Or rather, girls who are more mature. As for luhan, typical school girls will like him.

Kris: I think he meant that because our looks are different and people’s taste are different too.

5. Who is the most mischievous member in the dorms? Lay.

Kris: He’s rather naughty, but he’s really funny at times too. When there’s nothing to do he will cook, but on stage he’s different. Lay please speak for yourself.

Lay: On stage, when I here music I get excited. I’ll be really focused on the dance and music.

Host: Since you really like eating tidbits, do you throw the leftovers around?

Lay: Oh no I won’t. I personally dislike that habit too.

Host: So the neatest member in the group would be luhan?

Lay: Nope it’s xiumin. He’ll pack his clothes really neatly.

Host: We’ve understood more about EXO’s dorm life, so how is it like on stage then? Would you like to speak more about it?

Tao: My speciality is martial arts.

Host: It’s a pity you can’t demo it today, but would you do a pose?

Tao: I can do a flip now, my waist isn’t much of a hindrance it has recovered a lot. (Tao does it)

Host: Have you practised really long for this?

Tao: Not really, because I’ve been learning martial arts since young and I’ve got all the basics mastered so I just needed a little more practise.

Host: Please clap for Tao, that was really amazing. Chen what is your speciality?

Chen: Singing. Hitting high notes.

Xiumin: I usually do the screaming parts in a song (Xiumin did the screaming part in MAMA)

Host: Back to Chen, are you prepared for your demo?

Chen: Yes I’ll sing a part from MAMA (Chen sang the high note)

Host: Luhan what about you?

Fans: AEGYO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luhan: I personally like playing the rubiks cube a lot but I don’t have one now.

Tao: Actually Luhan can sing JJLin’s song (Luhan sang it)

Lay: I personally like playing the piano and guitar a lot but there isn’t one now.

Host: Can we have you perform Wondergirls’ nobody?

Lay: I can’t really remember the dance anymore

Host: Kris what about you then?

Fans: AEGYO !!!!!!!!!!!!

Kris: I sang my part just now.

Host: Can we have Kris do aegyo

Kris: Maybe next time. I really love doing magic but I didn’t bring anything today, so perhaps next time!

Host: I’ve heard that Tao is from Qing Dao, Victoria is also from Qing dao, do the both of you help each other?

Tao: Tao yes we do. Afterall we’re new to this.

Host: Does she give you advice?

Tao: Then during Gayo Daejun 2011 I worked with victoria, she thought me a lot of performance skills, charisma and attitude wise. I’m really thankful for that and I hope to work with her again

Host: We have questions sent in by fans too, let us watch the clip

1. Fan asked which is their ideal type,

Kris: kind, knows how to cook, fillial and can take care of people

Lay: cute, fillial

Luhan: gentle, quiet kind

Xiumin: huggable and can give comfort to others

Chen: likes noona, those that would take care ofhim

Tao: I’m still young so I’m not really interested, only focusing on work now

2. Fan asked if Kris likes all the nicknames given to him. (教主、牛仔哥、男神, KRISt, cowboy, and male god)

Kris: Yes I like all the nicknames because my friends also call me some of them and they are all meaningful names to me

3. Were all of you nervous before your debut and before walking down the red carpet?

Kris: Yes we were definitely nervous

Host: Do you guys cheer each other on before going on stage?

Kris: Yes and we do have our method of doing that (They did a demo)

Host: Is there a definite way of placing your palms? Or is it at random

Kris: There isn’t a ranking or order but because I’m the tallest, my hand is always placed at the top

Host: Wow that was really cool. Also I’ve heard that Tao and Luhan’s birthday are coming up soon, can we have fans cheer for them?

Fans: Luhan, Zitao, Happy Birthday!

Host: We’ve come to the end of the chat, thank you EXO-M for being our guests for today, and I hope you guys will update your weibo so everyone will be kept updated with your new lives and what you’re up to, thank you so much, thank you!

EXO-M: Thank you!

Translated by Yenuo

Credits: to owners

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  1. Thanks for the Eng translation, I was all hyper while reading about them. For some reason I always thought their fanclub would be named something more like Aliens or Milkyway, etc...LOL

    1. Hahahahahahaha :D you know with what SM will come out! They trolled us with EXO's debut and showcase realease on YouTube so... In the matter of fact I wouldn't be supprised if they annouce on FaceBook that we're milkyways and there fandom name is Milkyways. Kinda sweet in some way :D
      +thank you for making me laugh I love these types of comments!


    1. Thank you for commenting, supporting EXO! I Thank you even just for coming here!


    kris: kind, knows how to cook, fillial and can take care of people



    2. hahahahha <3 I love you Guys! you make my day brighter with these comments!
      but I hope that You won't have the same expression on your face for the rest of your life :D

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