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Monday, April 9, 2012

EXO-M "Yin Yue Feng Yun Bang" Apologies Part 3

(from the left) Kris, Lay, Lu Han, Xiu Min, Chen, Tao

陈羽凡's apology posts:
First post

回复 @Lwwl6666:谢谢你的理解:)如有伤害请多包涵。本人对EXO的弟弟们没有任何否定之意,台上所言纯属出自对本土团体长久以来受到不公平对待的善意呼吁.每个站在舞台上的人都有艰辛和努力都值得赞扬和鼓励!希望咱这些为内地乐坛永不放弃的战士们能真正的团结起来只为将来回首时...

He replied to @Lwwl6666:

Thanks for understanding  Please forgive if there’s any harm caused. I have no intentions of any negation towards EXO. The words that I’ve said on the stage were simply out of goodwill to shout out to the local groups that were subjected to unfair treatment. Everyone that stands on the stage has their own hardships and efforts, they need to be praised and encouraged! Hope that the warriors of our local music industry will never give up and unite together.

Second Post

回复 @rubyblackstone:我有这个责任和义务,如有委托我将全力以赴...EXO、MiC、青鸟、及所有热爱舞台和音乐的兄弟姐妹们请共勉:音乐没有好坏,没有尽头,只有真团结和真交流才会有真音乐... //@rubyblackstone: 希望您对EXO多多提携

@rubyblackstone: Hope you can guide and help EXO

He replied to @rubyblackstone:
I have the responsibility and obligation to, if I’m entrusted to, I will do my best… EXO, MIC, Qing Niao, and all that love the stage and music: There is no good or bad to music, no end, only the real unity and exchange will produce real music.

Souroce and credits: @dancingkyu
last part


  1. "we are one,we are EXOTICS,we are powerfull"oHOH exotics make miracles(first was win number one in "eatyourkimchi" qnd the second was making those people apologies within few hours) GUYS WE ARE REALLY GREAT

  2. That would have to be the worse 'apology' I have ever encountered in my life. This does not even come close to an 'apology'. This music compere truly has gone too far. What a total hypocrite as well... "Everyone that stands on the stage has their own hardships and efforts...." They are subjecting EXO-M to further hardship and they're only newbies on their debut stage! What an idiot obviously lacking in manners. #Hate.

    1. Ok. EXOtics let's just leave it...
      and sing this part:
      Careless careless shoot anonymous anonymous
      Heartless mindless no one who care about "them"!
      (meaning "them" I'm thinking about that pink things)

    2. Right!No one care about them, they will regret it anyway.