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Sunday, April 1, 2012

EXO - "MAMA" Teaser

God I can't wait to see the whole MV. It's amazing. The Members from EXO have different powers.
Lu Han- levitation (he put's a group of  balls into another group of balls what represents EXO-K & EXO-M as one)
Kai - teleportation (he appears apparently next to each member and his teleportation Is like from Harry Potters ^^)
Se Hun - air (he makes a tornado with one finger )
Tao - super ninja warrior
Chen - thunder (he's like ZEUS^^)
D.O - earthquake (with one stomp of his foot he makes the ground crack)
Su Ho - water (he plays with water like Poseidon)
Xiu Min - ice (he makes everything frozen up)
Baek Hyun - his power is... like... from the film "I Am number four"(the one's that watched It know what I mean, for does that didn't check it out here )
Lay - brings to life
Chen - fire (he can make a dragon out of fire and he's so hot that his footsteps are burning!)
Kris - flying ability and he also can use fire (what about the flying well it's like flying from the film "Chronicle" if you didn't see it check it out here)

This Is the best Version


  1. maybe this can't help you describe their "powers"

    1. Yes I've already seen That ^^ I was Going To Upload a similar photo later.