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Monday, April 23, 2012

SM announced the three winners on Weibo.

SM Town announced on there official Weibo account the three Winners for Lu Han's Birthday Wishes.
About that contest: you had to write a post including wishes for Lu Han and then Lu Han was supposed to pick three winners and give them "special presents".
SM post: "终于到了公布[LU HAN生日特别EVENT]幸运歌迷的时间了~ 恭喜 @晓爱EXO京城鹿少 @aiko饭上EXO @郑含嫣 3位歌迷获得了鹿晗亲笔签名的CD和照片!请抽中的3位歌迷注意查看私信哦~" congratulations to the winners, but Y NO PICK ME? T^T
Yh. The special present's are awesome. Damn just look at them:


  1. Tears dripping T.T

    Oh we'll, Atleast I can save the photo

    1. *hugs* me too.. Me to... But I'm always taking part in these kind of competitions couse I would personly ran to a photographer or something like that. Made a HQ Print of it so It would look like it was the original one and send the photo to all of you (of course i would send it to the ones that are recenty comming here everyday and following me ) And let this awesome glory spread the world.

  2. uh? i don't even know that there was a competition like this :D by the way, congrats for the winners~~ how to join the competition like this?