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Thursday, April 12, 2012

SM for Se Hun's Birthday!

Fans Are In SM's Building waiting for Se Hun Surprise Birthday Party ! 
Fan Saying: Su Ho is so new to the role of leader. Even at the party he still needs to read the script.
Every fan who got in has the number and Se Hun draw 2 lucky numbers and EXO gave them each autographs signed on the mini album. Then fans asked for more drawing number for lucky fans but they don't have any to give the fans so they gave 2 birthday hats to lucky fans. Fans got to ask Sehun 3 questions and Se Hun is the one who picked them. The first question is who are you closed to the most?Se Hun didn't answer right away. He keeps saying he is closed to everyone. But fans asked him to pick one in M group.(tricky ones! :3) Se Hun is shy and didnt answer right away and he finally said that he is closed to everyone (in M too).(yeah right... ^^) Some people in the first row shout "isn't it TAO? TAO TAO!!!" Baek Hyun said Lu Han? The second question the fan asked him is the age of noona he will like. Fan shouted 5 years? Se Hun said age is doesnt matter. The last question fan asked him to do 애교 (aegyo) since he failed to do it at the Showcase but Se Hun is so shy and doesn't want to do it so he said next time. But fans shouted to do it now,and he said he can't Kai said Se Hun can do many 애교 but he's still shy so fan said they all did it together. D.O. made a really funny face when he heard that Se Hun didn't want to do 애교 so Kai told Se Hun to do 뿌잉 뿌잉 and finally Se Hun did it. It was very funny when the manager brought the cake Other members are busy trying to eat the cake and no one pay attention at what Su Ho said. Chanyeol took out the chocolate piece and fed Se Hun. D.O tried to eat a strawberry with both of his hands holding there cake so he used his mouth.Kai was eating the cake by his fingers and didn't pay attention to Se Hun so the manger came in again to take out the cake.(hahaha ^^ little Exobaby's ). Every member gave Se Hun a birthday wish and hugged him. They seemed to love their mankae so much. Actually Kai was little awkward to say such cheesy things.At the end D.O sing and they dance MAMA for a little bit. That is pretty much the main things that happened at the Birth Day event.
second fan: 
Although it was a really short celebration of only 15 minutes, it was a really worthy experience and I'm really contented. From leader suho to maknae sehun, all of them were really cute. Around 100 to 200 fans were there, and not long after we settled down, the boys came in. From right to left, Baekhyun, Suho, Kai, Sehun, D.O. and Chanyeol. Chanyeol as usual flashed his teehth. Everyone had black jackets on and Baekhyun was wearing and EXO Tshirt inside.

Once they entered they did their greeting, (We are one) and Suho asked everyone if they knew who he was. After that they did a member introduction and the cake was brought out. Everyone sang the birthday song Chanyeol stuffed a piece of chocolate into Sehun's mouth. D.O. ate the cake right after they were done with the song and Kai kept eating the chocoalte. SM staff provided them with party hates. Kai and Chanyeol helped fix Sehun's hat. Kai wanted to apply the cake's cream on Sehun's face. Sehun ducked, D.O. held the cake and Chanyeol tried smash Sehun's face into it.

After that it was Sehun's thank you speech, he thanked everyone and the members took turns to speak. Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O, Kai and followed by Suho. All the members addressed sehun as sehuna and he got shy. Chanyeol said I love you and at the start of D.O.'s speech mentioned that MAMA's concept this time was a really strong one, he then proceeded on to wish Sehun.

Kai placed the mic really close to his mouth so fans couldn't really hear what he was sayin clearly. But he mentioned that he's known Sehun for 4 years and Sehun is a someone Kai is really proud of. The both of them hugged. Suho said almost the same thing as Kai and all the group members hugged Sehun except Baekhyun.

After that it was the segment where fans questioned Sehun.

Question was, which member are you the closest to? Sehun answered that he's close to all of them but fans asked for a specific member. Kai kept looking at Sehun and after some thought Sehun insisted that he was close to all of them. Fan's didn't believe and someone shouted Luhan but Sehun insisted that he was close to all.

Next it was the give away segment. 2 fans were picked at random and signed CDs were given to them. After that Sehun gave away his party hat and Kai gave away his head band. One of the fan shook hands with Chanyeol and the other wanted to shake hands with D.O. but D.O. got taken a back and widened his eyes, giving the "what do you think you're doing" face. Kai helped the fan wear his hair accessory.

Lastly fans requested that Sehun do buing buing. Kai helped sehun to hold the mike and Sehun did it. The whole room of fans burst into laughter. Sehun danced the part from MAMA where he touched his lips sexily. Lastly everyone did the "바꿀 수 있다고 바꾸면 된다고 말해요 마마 마마" part from MAMA.

Before leaving, the boys told everyone that they were thankful for everyone's support ever since the start. They said they'll work hard and before leaving sm staffs gave out posters from inkigayo.

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  1. what was his answers in the first question??? i think i mixed up things here. he didn't say luhan right?

    1. I'm uploading an second story I've found

    2. finished! hahaha i wish i was there too >.< but it's ok since luhan gave him a birthday message!(he also called him SEHUNA~) =D anyways thanks for this and for always updating us about our exo-babies xD

  2. when the manager brought the cake Other members are busy trying to eat the cake and no one pay attention at what Suho said => LOL!! you really like angel mommy so your kids doesn't afraid of you!! just learn from will be change everything :p

    1. Mama kris Will show you how to get your baby's listening. :3