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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Suggested Song's on EXO's Debut mini Album "MAMA"?

I've just found this picture on one of EXO's fan accounts on Weibo. It's a list suggesting track's on There Debut "MAMA" mini album. 
Well In my opinion song's : "MAMA" and "Your World" will on a 100% be on there mini album.
But what about there prologue song's like "History" and "What Is Love"? They Can be but they don't have to cause SM already published them so they can put other song's instead of them. Although It would be nice if that two song's would be on there mini album.
"Baby Don't Cry", "My Lady", "Two moons" and "Time Control". From these four "Baby Don't Cry" is the most certain to see on "MAMA" mini album. To the rest I don't have an opinion. It's all in SMentertainment hands. All we have to do Is wait :)


  1. I hope their debut song is Your World...

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