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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Who do you ship together?

If you could take two members from EXO and make them a couple, who would It be, why and how would they be named? Will It be something like Krihan or kaiyeol? I leave It up to you! I'm so curious, yeah!
Give me your answers In the comments and for the most popular "couple" I'll do a special post :)
Please comment I love reading your comments they always make me smile and sometimes even I start my day with them! So EXOtics to the comment box!


  1. I ship two couples baekyeol couple( baekhyun and chanyeol) and hunhan couple(lu han and sehun).but honestly, i prefer more baekyeol couple because it's kind of "the beast and the beauty" right? Besides that, i like the naughty and the babyface concept.fightiiing guys hahaha

    1. wow! ok let's see who's gonna win!

  2. Luhan and Sehun.. hehee. Huhan..they just look so adorable, LOL <3

  3. HUNHAN!~♥
    One of my all time fave OTP!

  4. Luhan and Sehun <3 not sure how to call them, hunhan, hanhun, sehan...

    1. hunhan cracking it *writing a point*

  5. Baekyeol <3 , Chanyeol with his baby face n deep voice and Baekhyun with his urber cute smile and attitude, and their height are perfect!!! I prefer Chanyeol tops cuz its just sexy!!
    LOL, im so embarrassed -hides in a corner- BACON N EGGS!!

    1. backyeol second point *writing a point*

      hahhhahahahhahahah! BACON N EGGS :D

  6. Baekyeol!! <3 Sexy Rapper and Beautiful Vocalist

  7. I really like Kai and Lu Han together and also Su Ho and Kai...neeh wait I will take Su Ho for myself >___<' I also want to say TaoKris but Kris really treats him like a brother and I don't think Kris would like this idea so I go with Lay and Kris. & Why? They are really sweet to each why not? ;) but to be honest I have a lot more couples...the EXO boys will show a lot of more skinship in the future (since SuJu are their seniors...) that's why my paaring will change again XD I ship in Shinee OTP5 so maybe I will ship in Exo OTP12? O_O'

  8. first time, the most popular shipper of course HunHan couple. they also comfort each other. but they're really look a like BROTHER!! Luhan take care of little 'hyperactive-but-shy' brother really well. with those baby face, but he purely mature inside.
    TaoKris? i don't think so. Tao is a really innocent kid and maknae so as a leader Kris treat him very well and special than the others. also i don't get it about shipper in EXO - M. 'Unicorn' Lay look too 'cold' (for me), 'cullen' Kris is immortal leader (i'm scared), Chen and Xiumin? same case with Tao. Too innocent (esp for Chen).

    soooo, let's take a look with 6 hot aliens in EXO - K..
    Shipper numb 1 : BaekYeol...huge-smile rapper with naughty-heaven-voice vocalist? interesting!
    Shipper numb 2 : SeKai...hyper-shy maknae with sexy-hottest-but-innocent dancing machine ever in the history? LOVE IT!!

    and look about the others...SuKai (showcase), YeolKai (inkigayo), BaeKai (also inkigayo), D.OKai (roommate)...


    but NOW i looking for HanSeKai!! reminds me of EunSiHae in SuJu. Luhan in China, so Sehun take his time to flirting with Kai (you're really not an innocent maknae baby Hun!!)

    1. hahah! your comments just ! BLow MaH MIND (...bara mr simple...)
      I'm scared Of Kris too!
      I think you picked HunHan ^^ So.. *writing a point*

  9. Taiokri O.o i've no idea why but the way kris talks about tao being his little brother and stuff... and plus, kris knows too many languages while tao is probably the opposite. and all that brother stuff is really messing my mind xDDDD i find them charming, but the cutest couple would probably be...
    HunHan. duh do i really have to tell why =_=
    so HunHan is a "cute" couple... while TaoKri is "charming" and "hot"...
    i can't decide xDDD

    1. okk <33 so I'll give a point to HunHan and TaoKri *writing a points*

  10. KAI & Luhan
    Sehun & Luhan
    But KAI,Sehun - K............ Luhan - M..............T_T
    sooooooooooo sad T_T

    1. hunhan cracking the system ^^ *writing a point*

  11. Replies
    1. This answer is so much win. I totally agree! Aigoo, Luhan >w<

    2. *writing a point* What can I Do ? ^^ they love him :3

  12. I vote for Baekyeol!! <3
    I hope they are real although they haven't said anything about it yet like HunHan.
    Well recently, I watched EXO's press conference for their showcase in China, and there's a time when Su Ho wiped Kai's lips. Oh gosh it's sooo cute. It's like they have their own world >_<
    I'm waiting for new couple!
    Regards from #EXOTIC Indonesia :)

  13. 1st HUNHAN! - no one can beat this couple. man! doll-face and heavenly voice luhan taking care of hyperactive with beastly side when dancing maknae (Sehun) is just way awesome! and the SKINSHIP, GOSH i automatically shipped them! that was so 0_0 SEXY and cute =D

    2nd KAIHAN - the whispering thingy between the two during the showcase in Beijing was just too much to my liking >_<

    3rd SUHAN - when suho admitted that he got a crush on luhan at first sight was just so adorable for me to hate it (since i ship hunhan!) ^.^

    4th XIUHAN - well i just noticed recently that xiumin's acting like a kid in front of luhan and since luhan got this motherly disease in him (he acts like a what MAMA should!) i think he was more than happy to do that. during interviews i would see them whispering to each other, there were times that luhan would put his hands in xiumin's tights and the best one was when they locked hands in front of the cameras! xD

    5th KRISHAN - the ONLY legal couple i guess since Kris is obviously the FATHER of exo-m while doll-baby-face Luhan is no doubt the MOTHER of the group! :)

    6th LAYHAN - well i don't really plan to ship this couple but i do like them i guess. maybe it's because of some pictures of them being together and stuff but not much skinship i guess. also in one of their live interviews i've gotten to caught luhan resting his hands on lay's tight and there was a time that the interviewer asked them something and they both pointed at each other! so CUTE! @_@

    i know! they're all paired with doll-face, heavenly voice with motherly disease LUHAN!

    1. wow! a lot of couples ^^ There all sweet and it would be an explosion if it would really happen. HunHan *writing a point*

  14. Chanyeol and Tao, because they were different. Chanyeol has a cute face and Tao has a cool face. If they are together, they will be match.
    And BaekYeol, because they have a cute face :)

    1. wow! something new :) Nice Choice with Chantao and BeakYeol
      *writing the points*

  15. Hunhan please. This couple is like the most adorable couple I ever ship. They are just too, too cute.

  16. I ship,
    Kai + Luhan = Kailu/Kaihan
    Kris + Chanyeol = Krisyeol...
    Reasons : 1. Because Kai & Luhan EXO characters/symbol correspond with each other and of course Kris & Chanyeol too..
    2. If EXO combine together Kai always stand beside Luhan and also same for Kris and Chanyeol..
    3. Bcuz they cute each others.
    4. Bcuz they the first two couple I catched from EXO..
    5. Always I already found many of their fanfictions and me too I also had wrote some fanfic about Kailu and Krisyeol...

    That's is me, I never change anything when I got something.. It's only my opinion and my though and my fav. OTP and bias..

  17. XiuHan they're so touchy with each other, they even spend their free time together <3

  18. I love :


  19. CHANBAEK……..

  20. Hunhan for the win..

  21. 1.Hunhan

  22. Well, let'se see...
    1. Hunhan
    2. Baekyeol
    3. Taoris
    4. Xiuchen
    5. Kaisoo
    6. Suho x Kyungsoo

  23. Baekyeol,Taoris*-*and Kaisoo<3 Love them

  24. 1. Baeksoo<3
    2. Chanbaek
    3. Chansoo
    4. Chanris
    5. Layhan
    6. Baekchen
    7. Xiuhan
    8. Kaisoo
    9. Hunhan
    10. Sekai
    (Shippings are not in order)

  25. Baekyeol- how can you not the gentle giant with his adorabley small companion. Taohun-Do i need to explain just watch exo variety shows or look a taozis instagram. Xuihan-I just love them together. THATS MY TOP 3 FOR YOU :)

  26. Hunhan, Baekyeol, Kaisoo, Taoris, Krisyeol, Sekai
    But overall, BAEKYEOL is real!

  27. For me KrisHo is the best because they have so many moments togethet and also XiuLay,because damn theyre so cute together (my mind is going crazy just to think about this two ship)

  28. Although everyone is rooting for Sehun x Luhan (HunHan) I want to vote for Xiumin x Luhan (Xiuhan/Lumin) because they are very cute together. They are close probably because they are the same age. Personally, I like Xiuhan better than Hunhan because to me Hunhan is like the older brother taking care of the baby brother but Xiumin is really Luhan's best friend and they share all their secrets together (Xiumin said this once in an interview. I can't remember which one). Even Luhan's hobby is playing sports with Xiumin. They are always together too. I suspect that Xiumin doesn't have many otps because he and Chen are both underrated so people don't focus on them too much. I for one think Xiumin is very well-matched with Luhan. I don't mind Hunhan. I just prefer Xiuhan more ^_^