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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

120529 MCD BackStage EXO cut


  1. This is just... hskanskaSKJnskjans. :)) aww. I'm happy to see them together. Ot12. :"> Luhas is soo cute and OMO Baekhyun's arms. *dead* His little goodbye(?) at the end is soo cute. :D

  2. omo !! omo !! baek hyun-AH sleeveless, i can't handle DOCTOR please..sexiness overload ooof ooof i can't breath and i think you too baconers hahaha :))))))))))))

    That's what it means "We are One, We are EXO" ,They're so EPIC as twelve, OT12 FIGHTIIING XD

  3. wait, another OT12 performance?? Kyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

    aww, look at Xiu Min in the first picture, he's so adorable.haha