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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baek Hyun Birthday Party SM

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The Party Will Be held In A Park. ChanYeol was such an essited little thing. D.O was cute without even trying. Baek Hyun couldn't stop smiling.When speaking Baek Hyun got ChanYeol and Se Hun to stand one step down and D.O. stood beside him. Baek Hyun was wearing the kind of glasses which was shaped like candles and a  party hat.DO helped Baek Hyun put on his bday hat and Baek Hyun wore the glasses on his face. Kai was sleepy again. ChanYeol saw fans when he was in the car. He rolled the window down and waved bye bye to them. ChanYeol told Baek Hyun that they were in love with each other.
Members all said "I love you" and ChanYeol said "let's love each other" 3 posters and 2 albums were given out, when Se Hun signed it he had the typical serious face like fansign. Su Ho dragged Kai nearer back to the group cos he was standing too far away from them.They made Baek Hyun dance to a part of "MAMA".  He danced so coolly but after he finished he bowed and got so shy. ChanYeol, DO & Se Hun kept spraying at Baek Hyun's face & the cake. D.O stole Baek Hyun's birthday glasses and wore it. Baek Hyun sat at the steps and started signing but was uncomfortable so he ended up signing poster on the floor. Members sprayed snow spray on Baek Hyun.When members gave wishes to Baek Hyun, he let them go one stair lower so that they're almost the same height.When ChanYeol was saying his message to Baek Hyun he said there were in a love relationship. Baek Hyun was waving his hands madly and at the end they held hands and said "let's love each other" and hugged.The standing plan was from the left - ChanYeol, Se Hun, D.O., Baek Hyun, Kai, Su Ho.Se Hun kep touching his eyes and was dancing sneakily at a corner. ChanYeol said in Eng to a fan who won to "Stand up!". Se hun, D.O. and Kai didn't talk much today, just obediently listening or spraying snow spray. When the cake was brought out ChanYeol started encouraging everyone o sing.Baek Hyun almost fell when descending the stairs.Wind kept blowing fans who were at the front rows. ChanYeol even apologised to them, fans said it's okay.Throughout the whole party Kai was just looking at Baek Hyun and biting his fingers. They played rock scissors paper with fans and would pick a winning fan to ask a Question. ChanYeol said he's Baek Hyun's roommates, they're in love. Baek Hyun got ChanYeol go go down one step on the stars and when it was Se Hun's turn he said "Se Hun ah, you go down too". First question fans asked Baek Hyun was: Baek Hyun oppa how do you find ChanYeol oppa. Su Ho was asked about his ideal type and everytime he said something Baek Hyun would say "Lies, lies". Su Ho hinted about his birthday and Baek Hyun was trying to shove him away. There was a group shot at the end too. Kai stuttered when he introduced himself, Baekhyun did Kai's part of the dance and he was high at the back. Kai didn't speak much today but he had many tiny actions. Su Ho asked if everyone knew who's birthday it was next and said it was his own. Kai used his fingers and made a gun gesture and started shooting at Su Ho, mouthing the words "pa pa pa". Fan asked Baekhyun how tall he was and he said 185cm(lol?) . Su Ho said Baek Hyun was very naggy and D.O. agreed. Su Ho said Baek Hyun was the type who would talk non stop ever since he wakes up.
The Party Ended around 6 PM KST.
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  1. I'm really excited!!

    love both EXO-K AND EXO-M

    EXO! We Are ONE!!

  2. :D can't wait for the uploads!! :D really wish i could be there too :P
    Happy birthday Baekhyun <3 <3 <3
    love him so so much!!!


  4. 12 exo's member held party together or just exo-k?? Exo m still in korea, right? From the story, it like just exo-k.
    One thing, why our quite-cold D.O changed and got crazy in a days?? Hahaha..
    SuHo always care to his big baby sleepy Kai (i told you SuHo love Kai sooo muuucchhh. He really like Eomma for him)..
    Owowow, BaekYeol reveal their relationships? Is it the reason D.O got crazy? Cause Yeollie back to Bacon?? Kekeke, stops here.
    Sorry D.O, it's your destiny to being alone :p

    1. Only EXO-K was At that Event.. Pretty sad.
      D.O (for me)was always crazy ;D From The Showcase until now. ^^

  5. aww that sounds so fun! wish i was there!!! :)
    happy bday baekhyun oppa!!! ><

  6. how i wish i was there too. anyways HAPPY BACON DAY!!!

  7. aaaaaaaa i will have fun just by looking at them having fun ^^

  8. ah~i'm very happy to see Baekhyun-shi happy....
    waaaahhhhhh!!!! TT____TT i want to attend too~~
    can someone brought me there??

    ExoTown,,can you bring me there me sometimes??kekeke just joking~peace no war..

  9. Ahh I thought EXO-M was going to be there with so that they could be ONE. I hope EXO-M and EXO-K can celebrate Suho's birthday together.

    and on another note, I feel like EXO are trying to out do each other with their OTP thing. Like competing with each other to show the fans which couple is the most 'in love' which each other lol.

  10. I want to know , that baekhyun and changyeol love each other is the real? Who can answer me?

  11. i think that BAEKYEOL "COUPLE" is true ... <3

  12. ah~... ma baby bacon's birthday party... TT TT