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Thursday, May 24, 2012

EXO for Sport Chosun

EXO-K and EXO-M, who got to stand on the same stage for the first time after their debut showcase on March, shared their feelings about it “We support each other when we promote together to give us strength”

EXO met the reporter at ‘M!Countdown”s waiting room on the 24th in the afternoon, they said about performing all together, with the 12 members “As compared to when we promote separately in Korea and China, being able to stand on one stage like this really gives us strength”.

EXO-M’s leader Kris stated “It was difficult because we don’t have any experience in promoting in Korea but the EXO-K members gave us few advices and supported us too so we could get strength”.
EXO-K’s leader added “Since our teamwork is usually good when we practice, joining and adjusting were done naturally. We’re really happy to get to stand on one stage after the showcase, it brings back old memories”.
It’s the second time they stand on stage together through Korean broadcasts, the first time was on the 20th on SBS ‘Inkigayo’. This kind of special stage was to express their gratitude for recording more than 100,000 CD sales even though they’re only rookies.

After having these stages together this week, EXO-M are going to go back to China to continue their promotions.

source: sport chosun
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans


  1. exo-m will go back to china... ;(
    Even they are separated,they will always be ONE!
    EXO fighting !!
    Gonna miss their performance together..
    I will wait for their next stage together XD

  2. NO!!! going back already?!!! why so fast? what will happen to HUNHAN & Krisyeol??!! c'mon~!

  3. it's painful to look at the pict and read the last sentences!! :(

    baby don't keeeerrraaiiiii, i found somethin' really funny on Two Moons Showcase vid. this is the two top comment on that vid :

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    cr : yoyochocobunny

    2. Type in Google "Ayo Waddup Kris" and it will say "Did you mean 'Ayo waddup krees? " (:

    cr : blueberry15190

    seriously i laugh really hard like roll like a buffalo, LOL

    Roll like a Buffalo and Ayo waddup kreese would be phenomenal!!! equal with sorry sorry, hehehe

    1. i lol @ this!!! hahahahah.... this just made my day!!! iloveU!

      #roll like a buffalo