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Saturday, May 19, 2012

EXO In L.A 120519

They Went to Disneyland

Lay & D.O Dancing 

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  1. I like how for each picture, my small imagination makes up stories about the members HIHIHIHI!

  2. aigoo.. love the picture channie and d.o oppa.. heheh.. they must have a lot of fun.. kai oppa still tired..

  3. If those two girls are fans, they would treasure that photo taken during the roller coaster forever. I'm so jealous, and the boys would most likely keep them too. OMGOSH, Kris is just like a walking statue.

    The long shot photo of Kris and Baekhyun looks like they were holding hands whilst they walk

  4. these boys always spazzing around everywhere they go, kekeke..
    oh i know...they always around our Dhui Zhang for more efficient (language problem)? :p
    and...something weird with my Jongin :(
    is he sick??

    1. Our jonginnie oppa looks tired as usual T_T hope he gets some rest before the big concert

  5. Always go as a train - Exo train is the best ^^ .These kids are so cute . I love how HunHan always are together. Have urself some fun and go back safely . Love all of them .

  6. Sorry But I'm not gonna sign the pics There to much and there's so much members on every pic. so if u don't know who's on which pic ask me.;)

  7. ahhh, im happy to see they together.

  8. very happy tO see them.. so friendly tO each other.. cant't wait tO see their performance..

  9. there's too many lay gege sexy photos here :D <3
    i can't stop smiling

  10. Very happy...
    Hope kai will get well soon..

    Did lay give his grey hoodie to kris?
    Because i see the picture kris wear the grey hoodie after he get wet from playing the game..
    They so sweet...

    EXO fighting!!!!

    tq cause update :-)

  11. I want to go Disneyland with EXO.I hope they will happy.