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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

EXO-K 2pm Date with Joo Young Hoon ENG SUBS


  1. waiting for engsub video , hwaitiiiing :))) great job!

  2. lol i find it funny how last week it was all interview articles and this week it's all radio shows hahahahha xD but nonetheless, thank you for letting us know about this radio show they were in today!

    1. So true, but I'm pissed by there Ninja Schedule . ;| and the strange thing Is when EXO-K is performing I miss EXO-M, when EXO-M is performing I Miss EXO-K. SM! PLEASE ! LET THEM BE ONE FOREVER NOT ONLY ON THAT SMTown Tour in LA :|

  3. They changed the sittings again and my baekyeol together again wow that's a good sitting order. Chanyeok is really a talented drummer no strange that he has such a good rythm. Guys everytime i wanna comment about Exo, i can't find words ooooohh! It's getting diffucult, their charms make me speechless and i think you do right?

  4. Thank you for your constant updates on EXO! I can check the latest news of them from here :) It's hard for me to have any bias in EXO because I like every one of them <3 EXO planet <3