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Thursday, May 17, 2012

EXO-K D.O FanBoard Replys 120517

[FAN] If you all sing Nuna you’re so pretty I’ll forgive you

How about this? Okay? Please appear and reply saying you’re okay T_T

[D.O] Hello I am EXO-K’s D.O^^

Nuna you’re so pretty~♥


[D.O] Hello I am EXO-K’s D.O^^

Hello. I am EXO-K’s D.O^^

I’m here today~

I hope a lot of you will participate~


[FAN] Heol is it really D.O???

Woah… I was sleeping and woke up

[D.O] Hello I am EXO-K’s D.O.

Of course~


[FAN] D.O-yah I love you !!!!!!!!

Please scream you love me!!!!!!!! T______T

[D.O] Hello I am EXO-K’s D.O.



[FAN] Oppa do well at the SM Concert !! heart

I will be supporting you ! hehe

I’ll definitely go next time !! hehe

Oppa fighting ! EXO fighting !!! Heart x100

[D.O] Hello I am EXO-K’s D.O.

Yes ! I will be back~

I will perform at the concert cooly and come back~


(this one was completely in English) [FAN] To D.O

I like the way you dance, you sing and even the facial expression of your face in your recent video.

Hope you will continue to reply as your fans..

[D.O] Hello! I’m D.O. from EXO-K

Thank you !!!!!


[FAN] Kyungsoo-yah, I feel proud every time I see you !!!

I’ve watched all your performances since your debut stage and as expected, as time goes by you are getting better !!!!

Your live singing is now stable and your pitch also got a lot better ^^

Keep on improving~~

Don’t forget your original resolution!! I cherish and miss you, I love you heart.

[D.O] Hello I am EXO-K’s D.O.

Ah~ yes ! Thanks a lot !

I will show you a better side of myself !


[FAN] D.O-yah, I ate samgyobi, what about you?

Did you have Kimchi spaghetti today again?

[D.O] Hello I am EXO-K’s D.O.

I want to eat samgyobi too haha

It’s samgyupsal, right (T/N : samgyupsal is pork belly meat, samgyobi is another way to call it)


[FAN] D.O-yah…. D.O oppa-yah…. D.O hyungah-yah…

I just wanted to call you D.O oppa ^^

Oppa you’re getting ready for the SM Town Concert right now???

When you go to LA, don’t forget about the Korean fans

And when you’re on stage, think of you and be strong aja aja

[D.O] Hello I am EXO-K’s D.O.

Yes I’m preparing it diligently

I’ll complete the concert cooly and come back~


[FAN] Kyungsoo-yah don’t get sick and fithing !

Nuna will support you until you become a world star !!!!!

Don’t get sick T_T Nuna just caught a cold

I will get sick instead of you so you can’t get sick T_T

[D.O] Hello I am EXO-K’s D.O.

Yes thank you~!

Everyone take care and don’t catch a cold!


[FAN] Do you call Baekhyunnie hyung?

Since you’re an early 93er, how do you call Baekhyunnie?

Please be friends with Baekhyun so you can be friends with me too

Would you tell me how you call [Baekhyun]? plz ♥

[D.O] Hello I am EXO-K’s D.O.

I am friends with both Baekhyun and Chanyeol~


[FAN] Kyungsoo-yah I’ll support you no matter where you are be strong !

Kyungsoo-yah Kyungsoo-yah Kyungsoo-yah

Nuna is so nervous I can’t think of anything to tell you

What did you today? (curious) (curious) I seriously thought of you again today….

Did you have all your meals? You know that eating and being healthy are the most important things right?

Kyungsoo-yah, wherever you are I will always ! Support you heart heart

So gain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! strength yup I love you heart

[D.O] Hello I am EXO-K’s D.O.

Yes thanks a lot !

I am healthy !

Fans, you also know health is the most important thing right?

I am always thankful !


[D.O] Hello I am EXO-K’s D.O.

Hello ! This is EXO-K’s D.O.

Since we have an SMTOWN concert this week

I am practicing diligently!

As it’s our first concert with the SM seniors

I am really looking forward to it and I’m also really nervous !

Fans, you will support us right?

I have to go and practice now…

It’s a pity we only met for a short time today

But next time let’s stay together longer haha

So for now… heart BYE

Source : EXO-K’s Official Website
translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans