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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

EXO-K Interview For My Daily

 ChanYeol, Baek Hyun, D.O, Kai, Su Ho, Se Hun
ChanYeol, Baek Hyun, D.O, Kai, Su Ho, Se Hun

A rookie group of a larger scale named EXO made their debut with the hopes of achieving their dreams while simultaneously conquering the Korean and Chinese music markets. While EXO is comprised of 12 total members, six promote in Korea under the name EXO-K while EXO-M promotes in China. As it is a concept not yet attempted before, all eyes are on their promotions.

(omitted repeated information) EXO-K is comprised of members Suho (21), Baekhyun (20), Chanyeol (20), D.O. (19), Kai (18), and Sehun (18).

Leader Suho kicked off the interview by introducing the meaning behind EXO, where he expressed, “EXO is derived from EXO Planet, and I feel that it’s a name that matches us well. We want to show the entire world what EXO’s all about. It’s only been about three weeks since we came to Earth, but I think we’ve been adjusting very well (laughter).”

Prior to their debut, EXO released promotional teaser videos for about 100 days before marking their debut with a showcase at the end of May. After seeing what the boys were finally all about on stage, the reaction from new fans were ecstatic. The members revealed that they still hold those feelings to heart.

Kai reminisced, “About five seconds before we were to begin our stage, I felt as if my heart would explode. I felt nervous, but listening to the screams of our fans was electrifying. It’s a feeling that can’t be put into words. Once we began our choreography with the music, I thought to myself, ‘So this is why I became a singer. I’d have no regrets dying on stage.”

D.O. stated, “We’re three weeks into our promotions now, and there’s nothing that’s particularly difficult about it. I’m just glad to be able to stand on stage. Everything’s fun because it’s been something we’ve been dreaming about for so long. I think I get super saiyan strength on stage.”

The other members agreed that it was difficult to express those feelings with just words like “jjang” and “daebak” but felt that those came closest.

The members of EXO-K actually received attention even before their debut just for the reason of being an SM trainee.

Chanyeol revealed, “Just the title of beingbranded an SM trainee itself was really pressuring. Our seniors did so well that it was a burden to think that we had to follow their foot steps. Our biggest worry was tainting the path they had paved.”

Suho added, “We’re always trying to aim for perfection because of the anticipation everyone has for us. We’re confident, and we promise to hold a color all our own with music that sets us apart from other idol groups. We want people to be able to immediately think, ‘Oh, this music was sung by EXO-K.’”

Although EXO-K debuted amidst much spotlight and attention, behind the glitz and glam are realistic, down to earth boys. Suho expressed, “We want to become a group that not only receives love from our fans, but knows how to share and return to the love. We haven’t been able to participate in volunteer work since our debut, but we want to do it consistently as well since we’ve been doing it for a while. Although small, we want to get things in action.”

Since their trainee days, EXO-K has been volunteering at local senior homes and schools for the deaf by cleaning and even learning sign language to play with the children. To the grandmas, grandpas, and the children that hung out with them, EXO-K isn’t an idol group but a group of respectable young men and amazing oppas. They may be EXO-K on stage, but off, they’re just your next door teens, a double life that they indeed enjoy.

EXO-K emphasized that they will never forget the love and interest they are receiving now, as well as the process it took for them to reach where they are. “We’re not going to fall victim to the ‘celebrity disease’ and we’re always going to maintain our roots. Just because we’ve debuted doesn’t mean it’s over because we’re going to be a group that continues to improve.”

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  1. awwww, debuting under sm is a privilege and a burden, but EXO ahh, you don't have to follow the paved road that your seniors set out, make your own.

    ngawwwwww, i would love to see some photos of them helping out, yes, please don't get celebritiy disease, though i don't think kpop artists even have time to have celebrity disease, anyways always remain being awkward dorks who happens to be full of talent and charisma when they're on stage, that's all i ask for, you can be as derpy as you want

  2. TunisianExoticsMay 2, 2012 at 4:04 PM

    They're more comfortable and nature in MAGAZINES interviews right? I hope to see them like this in TV interviews but no problem they have alot to learn .




    being an artist under the biggest entertainment in Korea, half is honor but half is burde!! so, keep strong babies :)
    all your sunbae also had a hardway to go until their position now!! make their stories to your motivation, okay?