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Thursday, May 24, 2012

EXO-K Interview for SBS News

Part ②

“Even though I’m his hyung, he’s really sexy.”

We were a bit worried since they could have given us short answers due to the rookies’ unique shyness, but EXO-K’s Suho, Kai, D.O, Chanyeol, Sehun and Baekhyun outshined that worry and shared their stories joyfully.

EXO-K have a lot of interests in various fields suck as variety, dramas, and not only stages, they said that if they got the opportunity in the future, they’d like to try various experiences.

Baekhyun: “I want to try everything. Of course, right now I’m focusing on the stage but I want to try and challenge various experiences like variety, dramas, musicals.”

It hasn’t been long since EXO-K did their debut but they had the opportunities to do big concerts such as the ‘Dream Concert’ and the ‘SM Town Live Concert’ held in the US.

Suho: “The ‘Dream Concert’ was a stage I really wanted to stand on and I attended ‘SM Town Live Concert’ before debuting and I remember wondering ‘When will we stand on that stage?’. But thinking that I’ll stand on this kind of stage with seniors that I respect a lot makes me really happy and honored.”

It seems that all the members think differently of each other’s qualities. They thought about which quality was so charming they’d like to steal it from each other. Even during the ‘Praising Time’ where they could get embarrassed, the members were overly chatty and were all “There’s this thing too”.

How does Chanyeol think of D.O? “D.O is very domestic. At the dorm, he takes care economically of the members and cooks well for us too. He looks really cute but he’s very deep in the inside. He’s also well organized and when we make a mistake he takes care of it one by one. Even for the trivial things he could let go, he takes care of it well, he’s the #1 housekeeper.”

How does D.O think of Kai? “Even though he’s my dongsaeng, if I see him like this, he’s really cool and sexy. It’s to the extent that I’d fall for him while looking at his performance on stage. His expression game is really different than usual rookies’. Even when I ask him for a part I don’t know during dancing practices, he’d teach me really carefully without being annoyed at all.”

How does Kai think of Baekhyun? “I think he has two opposed charms in his looks. On stage, he is full of charisma and when he’s off stage he’s really cute and fun, he becomes an energizer. I’m thankful because he’s a hyung but always made it enjoyable.”

How does Baekhyun think of Suho? “When thinking of the leader, you could think he has a grasp on the members and punishes us severely(?) but Suho hyung is really the one that has the ‘calm charisma’. He’s a cool hyung that solves things with calm discussions, he also buys us a lot of tasty food, he asks to the members one by one if something is happening, he gives us advices for our problems too. He is exemplary on every side. And he mixes really well honey-water!”

How does Suho think of Sehun? “He’s really cute and his eyes are lively. His milky-white skin is really pretty too. He’s very shy but he’s also mischievious and very cute maknae. Also, he’s good at collecting informations such as the CDs’ sales volume, it’s a member who must have this kind of things.”

How does Sehun think of Chanyeol? “He’s the happy virus who will always make the mood happy and make you laugh even without knowing it just by being next to you. He’s very lively and vivacious, he laughs a lot. Also because he’s attractively tall, he’s really cool. His husky voice is charming.”

Before getting on stage, the EXO-K members hold tightly each other. And they say ‘let’s love’. Because they have each other to hold them and support them like this, EXO-K can have even more dreams. EXO-K are only taking their first step, these handsome young boys are going to make tomorrow and our hearts are already fluttering to know with what kind of light it’s going to shine.

Suho: “Before getting on stage, we shout ‘EXO Let’s love!’. I suggested it, ‘let’s love’ includes our members and all of our fans, it means let’s enjoy the music we do and everything!. Enjoy with us!”

source: sbs news
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans

(Part ②


  1. I think Suho will be the next generation of Leeteuk...
    His ability as a leader really make their dongsaeng feel calm and safe...
    He is the best leader of the rookies group and EXO I always support you guys no matter what happen...
    Bcuz EXO made me fall in love with them since the first until now and to the future...
    EXO 4EVER!!!!
    (and of course I never forget Super Junior, f(x),KARA & SHINee: two group make me fall in love with KPOP but EXO is a group make me fall in love with the group)

    And I really love these guys...gosh why are they so perfect??

  3. first thing i do is copast "Even though I’m his hyung, he’s really sexy" and want to asked you "who?" (but in my head seriously i believe it's THE ONE KAI). but after read until finished, i just realized and laugh...IT'S DEFINETLY HIM!!! of course!!! the one with huge sexi image from head to toe in EXO only KAI :p (no bash. i love the other, but they have different charm, kekeke).
    remember the famous quote in EXO:
    EXO M = MEN (lucky Kris)
    EXO K = KIDS (poor SuHo) :p
    it's a fate Suho isn't born as chinese member so he can be leader for exo k! imagine if Kris and Suho switch nationality, so hyper kids like Bacon, Chan and derp squad like D.Onut, Kai, and Hunnie was lead by immortal cold vampire Kris!! O____O
    only angel mommy Suho that can survive with all kids member in K!! if Kris?? he must be look older just in a days :p

    "he’s good at collecting informations such as the CDs’ sales volume" => magnaeeee, stop make all noona become pedhophile with your absurd but cuuuteee expression!!!