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Thursday, May 10, 2012

EXO-K the star

“Careless careless Shoot anonymous” <MAMA> starts with an imposing, no superior orchestra, EXO-K who are casting a spell on Earthlings with it, came from a planet outside of this solar system (EXO PLANET). The alien ET from the old movie <ET> was small, had big eyes, and his husky voice was shocking, but these 6 members are shocking the whole world with their perfect visuals.

# Suho

Leader Suho who dreams of becoming actor has this habit of looking at the camera. During the interview, he was looking at the camera while blinking his big eyes. He must have strong actor instincts. He listened to the reporter’s words and grabbed Kai’s shoulders as naturally as possible to show a set-up shot. Kai who was surprised when Suho suddenly grabbed his shoulder let out a ‘What?’, Suho winked.

# Baekhyun

Baekhyun suddenly appeared in front of the two people looking greedily at the camera with a ‘even when seeing the end, he’s still hungry’ look (T/N: MAMA’s lyrics). He was looking only staring at the camera without caring about Suho considerately putting his arms around his shoulders. He then stared at Suho with a cold look, and they brightly laughed as they were looking at each other. Truthfully, we couldn’t feel at all that Baekhyun was the last member to join the team. In the end he took his nametag with Chanyeol and made chic and cute expressions, disarming the Earthlings once again.

# Chanyeol

Chanyeol’s superpower is the fire control, during the interview he showed an innocent smile and even teeth. He didn’t show his teeth only on the selcas, he backhugged D.O while smiling mischieviously and proved that he was a Teeth Rich. Chanyeol’s stare and bright smile when he stares at the camera opposes with their title song ‘MAMA”s line ‘Won’t we look at each other in the eye again?’.

# D.O

The side profile of D.O looking blankly at the pictures on the wall with Chanyeol is beautiful. The white in D.O’s big eyes is his charm’s point. In contrast with Baekhyun and Chanyeol, D.O has a quiet personality, he is calm and taciturn. But he seems to have this charm of attracting people even if he’s not talking. During the interview, D.O looks at the person talking with piercing eyes making her feel nervous, when other people are talking he doesn’t blink at all and listen cautiously and with concentration.

# Kai

The other focused member is Kai. He was so absorbed in preparing his personal introduction for the upcoming interview that he stayed motionless even when the camera came in. Kai only smiled brightly and showed his flower boy image when the Earthling’s camera persistently attacked, each picture taken during the interview was full of sexiness. The image of Kai touching his lips while looking at Suho while slightly biting them is really sexy.

# Sehun

Sehun is proud of his long arms and legs, and his long long eyelashes on his white skin. We’re really wondering what kind of planet is EXOPLANET for them to look so different from Earthlings. As soon as maknae Sehun’s photoshoot started, the members stood in line and looked at him as if they were looking at a child out on a beach. Sehun told them “Hyungs go away~” and even if he waved them away, the members just smiled as they were monitoring each one of his moves. There was only the music from KBS’ <Human Theater> going “Ddalalala~Lala” missing and we felt an affection so deep that we felt like crying.

Isn’t EXO-K members’ brotherly love what’s supporting their strength and superpowers? During the photoshoot, they were adjusting each other’s clothes, monitoring each other, showing that they were one. Moreover, it’s not only with EXO-K’s six members, they showed they were really missing EXO-M’s members who were in China. EXO-K are still rookies who are unfamiliar with the cameras and make mistakes on stage but, just as their chants of “WE ARE ONE”, we can already say that their brother-love filled words at their showcase, “We are a group that will last for a long time” is going to come true.

On May 11th, the group EXO-K’s HD Interviews will be released on the different star stories ‘The Star’( and we’re holding an interview comment event giving away signed polaroids (6 members) and <MAMA> miniposters(6 members). It’s from the 11th to the 17th, the announcement will be made on the 18th.

source: the star
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans

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