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Sunday, May 27, 2012

EXO - SBS News

EXO (Kai, Luhan, Tao, Chen, Sehun, Lay, Xiumin, Baekhyun, D.O, Suho, Kris, Chanyeol) all reunited to hold a fansigning event. The place was packed with fans and made us realize EXO’s popularity.

On May 25th, starting from 8PM at Seoul Yeongdeung-po Time Square on the 1st floor, EXO had a fansigning event for their first mini-album ‘MAMA’.

As it was the first fansigning event with the 12 members of EXO-K and EXO-M, the fans’ response was as expected explosive. Even though they’re rookies, aside from the 200 people selected, over 1000 fans gathered around showing a lot of excitement to see EXO.

The fans who were there couldn’t take their eyes off EXO and were really happy.

On the other hand, after ending the fansigning event, EXO-M went back to China to promote there. EXO-K are busily promoting while receiving explosive love in Korea.

source: sbs news
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans


  1. did anyone missed our teaser day? when we trolled by 'lovely' SM?! comment in teasers in youtube full of scolded from fans to finished all this tired time!! but if you have a time, just go to the teasers now and see how different the comments now!! usually, i just see for 2 or 3 teasers, but ended with watched AGAIN for the 18327147 times for ALL THEIR TEASERS!! yeah, at least now we know why SM called it TEASE(r)!! SM Ent really the SUPER TROLL COMPANY that i've ever seen (but it's irony how their success for teasing us)!!

    sometimes i just hope for their next full album, please teased us again with the.......50 TEASE(rs) maybe??? can we handle it??


    i just said, good bye FanFan, MinMin, LuLu, XingXing, ChenChen, TaoTao!

    just like vampire dhuizang Kreess said to us "we have to see you nice VERY SOON"! so, PROVE IT!! comeback as soon as possible with 'EXO FIRST FULL LENGTH ALBUM TITILED MY LADY' and showed your best to us! got what i mean? EXO! not EXO-K or M!!

  3. hey, i found a link Two Moons with the buffalo (LOL)!!

    Korean vers =>

    Chinese Vers =>

    personally, i like this more than the original vers! because we can heard Krees sexy voice rell like a buffalo :p

    and i also found about Let Out the Beast (idk it's original version or just demo but i like it) =>
    can't wait to heard this in their next full album (and full of ChanKaiHunKrisTao's rap)!!

  4. woahh!! i want be at there too..T_T