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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lay Replays On EXO's Fan Board


Subject: Yixing, are you still writing songs now?

Message: Yixing, I’ve heard your compositions previously and I feel that you’re really talented!! Especially <想你想你> , the rap at the ending was really good, there’s a wang li hom and jay chou feel to it. Although initially I was attracted to your dancing skills, I also hope that you would showcase your composition skills because it is a rare talent for idols . Noona supports your compositions!~ ^_^

Lay: Thank you all of you for liking the songs I write. Basically I get inspirations every day, if the inspirations do come I’ll start writing and composing. Recently I have been writing many songs but they are all not perfect, I really wish I could have more time to learn different aspects of writing music so that in the future I can present my works to everyone


Subject: Taiwan fans asking for blessings

Message: Taiwanese fans really want to meet you, but even if you guys do come I won’t be able to go because of university exams in September TTTTTTTTTTT I’m having a test tomorrow please tell me to go study Q___Q Also if you can, please tell me to work hard and get into a good university Q__Q Oppa please work hard <3
P.s. Xing xing oppa when will you appear T_T?

Lay: Hello and thank you all fans from Taiwan. Really thankful for the support you’ve given me. I hope you’ll work hard and that the encouragement I’ve given you will help you. If we do get the chance, we’ll definitely go to Taiwan to meet fans, look forward to us haha


Subject: Zhang Yixing , you were the best today (Even though I didn’t see you with my own eyes)

Message: I’ve seen the photos of you on my weibo and you were really different from yesterday, you were so calm and quiet yesterday while today you’re filled with life and so cheerful 0(n_n)0 haha~ Work hard! I’ve seen you saying that you liked being home so we’re waiting for you here~ Thank you for mentioning that you love China fans yesterday, I was touched for one day and night~ I hope that you can be cute and handsome like you were today~~~~ And please give us endless hearts~~~~ We are waiting for you to return, although it’s a really difficult and long wait but we are happy~~ As long as you are~~~ We are happy too ~~~

Lay: Hello, I miss all of you too, wait for me, I’ll be back very soon!


Subject: Yixing I am a fan from Singapore, please say a few words?

Message: I really like you a lot

Lay: hello, thank you for your support


Subject: Unicorn Xingtuo please heal me T.T

Message: Today I’ve seen you gesturing hearts and giving your love and I’m dying because of it. The only legendary to revive me is to receive a reply from unicorn xingtuo. Can you please be humane and reach out your healing hands T.T

Lay: Heals heals healing haha


Subject: LAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will you watch happy camp?

Message: Happy camp is such a hilarious show, every member in M will play a part in it right?

Lay: Happy camp is a variety show I’ve been watching since young. I love all of the hosts and they took care of us really well. Actually I watch Happy Camp every week and I hope everyone would like this programme


Subject: Zhang Yixing if you don’t reply me I’m not giving you any spicy food!

Message: Hahaha xing xing oppa I’ve been keeping track of updates of you for years already, the other time during La Musique I even went to the venue, and I remember that your mum was sitting at the back with us~ I know you’ve probably had a pretty hard time in this 4 years when you’re in Korea but now that you’ve debuted I’m happy for you~ I have an exam tomorrow and I’m really nervous! Love you ^_^

Lay: Thank you, I can’t take spicy food even though I’m from Hunan T0T


Subject: I’m begging you xing xing oppa~ I’m here to give the kids who sweep all the top charts some encouragement

Message: The few of you have been topping charts haven’t you! Three in a row right~~~ !!! We’ve always been voting for you ~~~ !!! Please give us some encouragement T-T I’m begging you ~~~ Xing xing oppa

Lay: Thank you everyone who has left a message, I’m really glad, thank you. It’s been hard on all of you, haha


Subject: Yixing opp I’m a fan from Hong Kong!! Really great!!

Message: Your dimples are so cute, please smile more~ Of course, when you don’t smile you are really handsome too. The most attractive part of you is your dancing skills and also the talent to compose songs! And also the really mischievous personality! Work hard, if only you could come to Hong Kong~ However, it doesn’t matter where you are, I’ll always be supporting you!! Fighting!! (I have an exam tomorrow, please give me some encouragements? ^^) Love you!!

Lay: Hello and thank you for the care and concern Hong Kong fans have for us. I would really like to visit Hong Kong (along with the other members) Haha


Subject: Zhang Yixing when you were still studying did you go climbing at Yuelu Mountains often?

Message: Finally got to see you come here, I’m really glad. Changsha kid, really cheerful ahahahaha!! My results are not good enough to allow admittance to «The High School Attached to Hunan Normal University» and I can’t be your junior so I’m feeling a little disappointed! What am I saying == I’m uttering so much crap! During Happy Camp filming I went to see you!! All of you were so dashing which makes me feel really inferior. In the future if you do get another chance please come back to Changsha~ Xia Yu He* will be waiting for all of you! [waves goodbye]
*A character from the show «The Return of The Pearl Princess»

Lay: Keep working hard!


Subject: Zhang Yixing have you been to Zhejiang before

Message: The citizens of Zhejiang welcome all of you !!! Please come here soon, many fans really miss you, 5555555

Lay: I want to go too, I’ve heard that it’s a beautiful place, hehe! (Along with the other members)


Subject: Xing Tuo!!! I’ve sent many messages but you just keep ignoring me!!! I’m upset!!!

Message: Xing Xing oppa~~~ I’m pleading you to reply!!! Xing Xing oppa you have to work hard~~~ And eat more!!! You are so skinny it hurts me!!! I’ve bought a lot of tidbits for you ~~~ Come back to China for fansigns soon!!!

Lay: Thank you, I can’t reply to all the messages and I’m apologetic about it, sorry~ TT


Lay: I’ve seen all your messages and I’m really glad and touched. I don’t know what I can for the fans but just by seeing all of you, I’m already really happy and all of you make me feel the warmth. Thank you so much. Because I can’t reply to messages one by one and also fans who leave messages every day, I am really sorry about it, sorry. When I return to China I will give you all a huge amount of love, alright?

Note: This are only the translations for Lay’s replies in Chinese

Trans by heechvl @ galaex


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