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Friday, May 25, 2012

StAR CALL - Tao and Xiu Min


  1. admin, can i tell u something. Ur blog is super awesome! I visited ur blog since the early days of exo debut. Everyday i'll be checking whats happening on exo here. If there are a few days that i dont have time to online, i dont have to worry about not being able to update myself with exo news becoz i can always visit ur blog later to find it. So i want to thank u like a 1000 times for always be so hardworking. Im pretty sure im not the only one who thinks that way. So THANK YOU again! Keep up the good work ok! :)

    P/s: mind if i ask, whos ur bias anyway?

    1. Thank U <3 IT'S ALREADY HALF A MILLION VIEWS... ! I'm doing my best to keep up the updates, so thank you for your warm words.

      My bias.. In EXO it's impossible to have one bias, so I have 3/4 biases. ChanLayDO and sometimes ChanLayDOTao. ChanYeol, Lay, D.O and sometimes Tao's cuteness makes me asdfghjkl

      but please dont worked too hard!! you already seen what happened if something bad happened to you right?? many people just lost their direction to know all about exo update, so please take care of your self as much as you can!!!
      you have many many many many many many fans and friends here :)

      p.s : have you missed teasers day? when SM going crazy to tease us and comment in youtube full of scolded from the fans?? yeah, at least we know why SM called it TEASE(r)!!
      but if you have a time, just go to youtube and looked at the comments now!! i think it's really funny to read all the comments said they need tease more!!!
      usually i go to youtube just to watch 2 or 3 teasers like my lady, baby don't cry and their last teaser, but in the end i watched ALL THEIR TEASERS FOR THE 17371071991 TIMES!!!! SM REALLY THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY AND BEST TROLL EVER (AND IT'S IRONY THAT WE NEED THEIR TROLLED ACTION TO US)!!!

      i hate to say this but from the deeper heart i hope they will tease us more when they promote full length album of exo!!
      50 TEASE(rs) maybe???

    3. u guys have twitter? I no Than go and sign in and we'll talk there <3