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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Star Profile [ChanYeol]

The new boygroup EXO-K appeared like a comet in the Renaissance. EXO is SM Entertainment’s ambitious work: the group’s groundbreaking strategy is that EXO-K promotes in Korea while EXO-M promotes in China, the two teams’ debut song is ‘MAMA’ but they will sing it in each respective language.

The EXO-K members, who are all from a planet out of the solar system, all have superpowers. Chanyeol’s power is the ability to control fire. Can you believe this comic-like story? If you look at Chanyeol’s face, you can feel how natural it would be for him to shoot fire or summon a phoenix. With his handsome figure, the unrivaled Chanyeol is a rapper who has both beautiful looks and an overflowing charisma.

On May 11th, the group EXO-K’s HD Interviews will be released on the different star stories ‘The Star’( and we’re holding an interview comment event giving away signed polaroids (6 members) and <MAMA> miniposters(6 members). It’s from the 11th to the 17th, the announcement will be made on the 18th


source : the star
translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans


  1. Thank you for this blog! I'm a bit addicted to these two groups recently and this is the best place I know so far to get their latest activities, promotions, etc. It's already in my favourites so I'll check it very frequently. :)

    1. You're welcome! Thank You for coming here!

  2. thank you that you are back again :)