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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Star Profile [Kai]

The new boygroup EXO-K appeared like a comet in the Renaissance. EXO is SM Entertainment’s ambitious work: the group’s groundbreaking strategy is that EXO-K promotes in Korea while EXO-M promotes in China, the two teams’ debut song is ‘MAMA’ but they will sing it in each respective language.

Kai who has been mastering ballet and jazz dance since primary school is a gifted dancer. Dubbed as “SM’s secret weapon” and also known for being CEO Lee Soo Man’s most cherished dancer, Kai has been famous even before his debut. He is also similar to the lead character of his favorite movie, “Billy Elliot” who loves ballet and dance. On the other hand, he also has firm six packs and a manly appeal.

On May 11th, the group EXO-K’s HD Interviews will be released on the different star stories ‘The Star’( and we’re holding an interview comment event giving away signed polaroids (6 members) and <MAMA> miniposters(6 members). It’s from the 11th to the 17th, the announcement will be made on the 18th.

(T/N: The “reason you got added as a member” section you can see in the other members’ profiles has been removed because he didn’t answer to it and the description of his personality takes quite a lot of space)
source : The Star
translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans


  1. Michael Jackson, Company's rooftop, dancing, listening to music...Taemin + Kai FTW <3

    /sorry fangirl moment....XD

  2. SM secret weapon? Most cherished dancer? Oooohhh my...hei lee sooman sonsaengnim, I KNOW!!!! That's why i pick him as my first bias!! Yeah, first, not only, because it's impossible to have just one bias in EXO, but KAI always on the top for me!! I bet he is the most talented dancer in SM. Sorry, i also love Taemin, but i thought Taemin just similar with Eunhyuk. Kai has something else more than those 2 dancing machine. Easy example, only Kai in SM that dancing with 'ballet soul' in each of his movement.
    Sorry, i still love Tae, kekeke.
    And hei Oktawia, please looking forward for eng sub sukira okay? Aaahhh, just fainted when watched it! They're really really really jeongmal neomu adorable!! I can't describe my feeling with words, jinjja!!! The 'cute bear' family, daddy chan, mommy hyun, and kiddie kyungsoo...jeongmal daebak!!! So, please share, beg you :)

  3. TunisianExoticsMay 8, 2012 at 6:03 PM

    EXO K - 120507 Sukira Kiss The Radio (full) (eng subbed). THIS IS THE LINK ENJOY IT :

    1. I've already added the video AGES ago :D

    2. TunisianExoticsMay 8, 2012 at 8:25 PM

      Oh! Sorry i didn't see it. I just wanted to help : D

  4. Urgh those jeans will be the end of this nunas heart