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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Su Ho Birtday with SM

Baek Hyun and ChanYeol were MCs for today. K entered first, there wasn't any greetings, they sang the birthday song straight and halfway through M joined them.  Everyone took turns to wish Suho and then M left, the rest proceeded with the signing and giving away of balloons.  Baek Hyun asked fans, "leader is really handsome isn't he" fans answered yes and Baek Hyun said he was more handsome. Balloons in the alphabets S U H O, Baekhyun hugged the "O" balloon and refused to let go. Su Ho wore a silver hat, Sehun and Kai with mickey mouse ears and Chan Yeol with cow horns.Baekhyun put the O balloon around himself and said that in summer it could be used as a swimming float. Lu Han and kris came out, both of them were holding large boxes. Lu Han went to the car boot and started stuffing the box in and then he said "I can, I can do it!" But in the end he didn't get the box into the car boot. Baek Hyun asked fans "leader is very handsome isn't he?" fans said yes. And he said he is more handsome. Kai said he missed everyone when he was in L.A.Baekhyun and Kai smiled at each other many times during the party and in the end Kai snatched Baekhyun's hat to wear. Tao spoke to Kai but he didn't catch i. He grabbed Tao close to himself and started whispering to him.Before EXO-M left, Tao approched Kai again and hugged him.Tao was wearing the phineas and ferb hat from disney land, Lay was wearing an unicorn hat. Kai was entertaining himself.Kris told Su Ho that they would work hard together.Su Ho did his solo part from MAMA too vigorously and his tummy got exposed. Kai and Se Hun helped carry all of Su Ho's birthday presents to the car. Kai was dancing and waving to fans. He also mentioned that his face grew many pimples. The Phineas and ferb hat was brought in by Tao, he wore it for Suho, ChanYeol then introduced that the hat was from America.Kai pointed at himself when ChanYeol was introducing the hat.When leaving, everyone forgot about the hat. Kai came back awhile later and got Coordi noona to help him take it.When M was about to leave, ChanYeol went up to hug Kris and he hugged back Kris lifted ChanYeol up and turned 2 rounds before leaving. Baek Hyun pretended to toss his mickey hat to fans. During ending speech Su Ho said that everyone must be really tired and Baek Hyun told him to speak slower.Kai attempted to dress Su Ho like a "christmas tree" at the beginning, putting ribbons all over him.When the cake was brought in Kai shifted beside the cake instead and started playing with the Su Ho's figurine. D.O. was playing with snow spray so Kai joined him, he was all prepared to shoot at Suho but realised it was a spoilt can. Kai was startled by snow sprays and the sound of poppers. Tao and Su Ho did buing buing. Lu Han lifted Su Ho up. When M entered the cheers were really loud so Baekhyun complained that it was louder than his and pretended to be angry.

trans: @xiches
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  1. ANOTHER KRISYEOL MOMENT. ANDWAEE. Baekyeol moments where are you. T__T Seriously crying. Chanyeol, you creepy dork. I miss baekyeol so much. (sorry for the rant) these days are bad days for baekyeol shippers out there. :((

    Anywoo. Happy birthday (derp) suhooo. <3 You're the best guardian/leader :D

  2. I say YAY for krisyeol moments!!!!
    they don't get to see each other very much when they're promoting in different countries, so moments like these are rare...
    How cute of kris to lift chanyeol up ^^

  3. Baek Hyun asked fans, "leader is really handsome isn't he" fans answered yes and Baek Hyun said he was more handsome.

    LOL as expected from BaekHyun!

    1. Hahaha:D true. I was expecting it from the start:D

    2. hahaha:))))

      when first i read: "chanyeol and baek hyun are MCing",i was sure that both of them prepared something although they just came from America. Seriously, i like how those two trying so hard to improve their skills .
      oooooffff !!! i can't wait to see them in variety shows, insult each other and reveal each other secrets hahaha... but i think they should first prove themselves as talented singers and performers ....
      exo fightiing !!! your fans will wait for you forever xD

  4. aigoo.. they have sO much fun.. luhannie oppa sO cute.. baekhyun oppa also sO funny.. anOther krisyeol moment.. happy birthday, leader suho!! hope u always be smiling charming prince.. heheh..

  5. i know everyone would pay attention for KrisYeol moment. heeyyyy, Appa hugged his lovely special about it :p

    but i pay attention to TaoKai. idk but PoTao REEAAAALLLLYYYY want to closed with Kai. kekeke, you have to fight with many people (SuHo, Lulu, Hannie, D.O) to be close with him PoTao :p

    Baekhyun and Kai smiled at each other many times during the party => Chan went to Kris, so Bacon cheat with Kai :p

    Kai and Se Hun helped carry all of Su Ho's birthday presents to the car => magnae job :p

  6. do u know where I can watch the video???