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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tao Replays on EXO's Fan Board

Hello everyone , I am Tao. Today I’ve come together with little bun, so it’s bun and peach (bao zi and tao zi) haha, how is everyone? I really want to meet all of you, today’s fansign was a successful one, thank you everyone for your support.

Personally, compared to promotional activities, meeting with fans makes me feel ever more blessed. It was my first time attending an event like this today and I’m really glad to finally be able to meet with everyone.

Subject: Tao ah Tao ah Tao

Message: Today’s fansign was an awesome one, continue to work hard for tomorrow’s! Love you ~~~~ Have you had a good dinner?

Tao: Yes, after the fansign ended today we went for a meal with our manager, thank you for your concern

Subject: My horoscope is also steak

Message: My horoscope is also steak! Ke ke

Tao: This means you share the same horoscope as me, steak?

Subject: Tao please look at this, noona is begging you!

Message: Tao your fringe makes you look really cute~ Work hard for tomorrow’s fansign! Noona is waiting for you back here in China, and also I would like to ask, is your eye fine? Please just practice at a moderate level and take care of your health. I hope that the time you spend in Korea with with your other brothers will be a happy one, little peach, fighting!

Tao: My eye? Don’t talk about my eye it’s swollen, but please don’t worry.

Subject: Tao are you happy today?

Message: Although I am in china and can only see you through the internet, I can feel the sincerity you have towards the fans, in the future please come to China for fansigns too, China fans will be waiting for you!

Tao: Thank you, I am really happy today because I got the chance to meet with all our passionate fans, all of you please also take care of your health, those who are attending school please study hard, listen to your family’s advice well and as for those who are working, continue to work hard and remember to be filial to your parents!!!

Subject: Tao ah you were really cute today

Message: Everyone has seen photos of you, and you looked really dashing in the costumes today! I’m really looking forward to your return back here and please remember to eat more and wear warmer clothes alright~ Noonas back in mainland will be waiting for your return, lastly please do a buing buing for noona! I love all of you ~~

Tao: I was really handsome in the attire today right, haha!!! Bbuying bbuying

Subject: Kungfu panda those are really dark eye circles~

Message: Are you preparing to act as kungfu panda all the time? Or were you originally a panda == 터오오? Is that how you write it in Korean? Do you like the name peach or kungfu panda? Because I would like you to see it, I’m sending this a few times

Tao: Those aren’t my dark eye circles but my little bags*, my mum taught me to describe it like that, hng~

*in China 卧蚕 means the portion between the eyelashes and a few millimeters downwards, because it looks like a little sack, hence the name. When a person smiles it gets really obvious and basically people who have卧蚕 look especially good when they smile, just like dimples.

Subject: Tao oppa!

Message: I love you! See you tomorrow! I’ll be going to the fansign tomorrow! We are one!

Tao: Alright, you must come tomorrow~ I love you

Subject: To EXO-M’s Kungfu Panda

Message: You must eat more ~~~~~ ~~ You are by far the thinnest kungfu panda I have seen. Please eat healthily, love from Belgium

Tao: I love you !!!!

Subject: Huang Zi Tao if you’re not going to reply me! I will! I will!

Message: Tao, noona has a Japanese exam paper coming up, please me good luck so I will have more confidence! Or a bbuing bbuing would do too !!!!!!!!!!! TTTTTTTTTT Tao, noona really likes you a lot >3< I am Fitto noona do you have any impression of me do you do you do you? Tao was really good looking today, I’m going to cry~ Ah, how? I really miss you, please come back soon alright!

Tao: What are you doing? Haha do well in your exams!

Subject: I’ve finally got in TTTT Tao I know you’re the best please read this

Message: Honestly you can just give me a one word reply, if I type in traditional Chinese characters would you be able to understand? TTTT If you can understand please leave some love along with your leader. If you reply me I’ll really study hard TTTT Just one word is fine TTTT It does not matter if you’re in Korea or China but please have good meals and sleep well TTT I’ll be waiting for you to come to Taiwan, at 120609 SMTown Concert I will give you a lot of support, please give me some encouragement too little panda!

Tao: Alright, then promise me that you’ll study hard ~~~

Subject: Tao oppa!

Message: I don’t know English and neither do I know Chinese well so I’ll write in Korean. Because of you I’m going to learn Chinese!!! For you!!! Hehehehehe! Oppa I love you, I’m going to bed, goodnight! I love you!

Tao: I love you too~

11: 12
Subject: Little peach!! Come to Hong Kong!!

Message: Hello I am a fan from Hong Kong ^^ Please come to Hong Kong soon, everyone misses you a lot!! It’s less than a month to my final exams I’m so nervous TT

Tao: If you want to do well you have to work hard, treat it as though you’re doing it for me. I’m just kidding, work hard alright

Subject: There’s a joke here! Kungfu panda come and take a look

Message: Please just reply me once , I’m an EXO fan from Hong Kong! When will you be coming to Hong Kong T_T There are pandas here! Have you heard of Ocean Park before?

Tao: In the future I’ll definite go there, there are pandas, haha so good I want to see those cute little pandas


Subject: Zi Tao! Tao! Little Peach! Noonas are missing you a lot!!!

Message: How did you feel about your first fansign today? Were you nervous? Although I didn’t turn up for it because I had to work, I’ve kept a close look at the updates! I hope that your promotions in Korea will be successful but please do take care of your health too. Also please do go back to China as soon as possible, everyone misses all of you so much, allow your leader to fly all of you back! P.S. Little peach you looked really good today, you’ve seem to be growing more and more handsome day by day!

Tao: I wasn’t nervous today, it felt really really good huh u ~~ I looked good? Haha

Subject: Huang Zi Tao please sleep early tonight, next time please rap a verse for us

Message: Do read more books, and don’t stay up late and don’t allow your little bags to swell alright. All of us miss you a tons, please take care of your health. Next time please rap a verse for us, can? O(n_n)O ??? I’m begging you Tao

Tao: Of course I will, there will be chances in the future and I’ll sing for all of you ~ I’ve mentioned before that I’m the kungfu panda who can sing, dance and rap haha. What about playing the guitar, do you want to see? Wait till next time haha

Subject: Tao doesn’t even reply to noonas, do you only like younger fans

Message: Tell me what you think about your looks!!!!! Who do you think is the most good looking in your group?

Tao: All of us are handsome, we have different styles. He he, it depends on what type you like ~~

Subject: Hello everyone I am Kungfu Panda Tao

Message: Alright it’s getting late, we have to return to the dorms to rest and prepare for the fansign tomorrow, all of you have to rest early too! I’m really glad today because of all of you, and the questions that all of you have sent, I’ve seen them already. Please don’t be disappointed if I haven’t replied you. Love all of you, byebye. I love all of you to death

Trans by heechvl @ galaexo


  1. that "buing buing" comment just kills me! how can he be such a cutie?
    thanks for sharing this ^^


    1. / <- go there and then Click on the "Fan Board" and there u can give them questions :)