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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Today Stalking 120505 Chen & Lu Han

Lu Han & Lay(is his hand In Lay's pocket?)

Look at Chen! Isn't he cute? that Fan had luck. Chen Chen~

Lu Han In A shop. 
by the way: I spend really a lot of time finding these pics.
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  1. thank you so much..

    they're really adorable..

    1. can I ask you something?,,

      the reason why EXO-M in Korean, is that for SMTOWN Concert? or else?

    2. I think That The reason besides The SMtown Concert Is that they can train Together and BE TOGheter as ONE! :)

      Besides... EXO-M Is even Having two fan signings. :) IN KOREA ^^

  2. Exo m have 2 fansigning in Korea, and when exo k have fansigning in China? Hehe.. Give them Dhou Zi Er!! :p

  3. Waaaa, i can comment here with my handphone, after thousand times failed, yeeaahhh #turn it up turn it up dung dung dung :p
    let's spam, kekeke.

    Happy to see your update Oktawia!

    Ah, i have a surprise info. Story from my friend who watched ss4 ina:
    1. He told me that our vampire dhuizang Kreesss wore insoles :p
    imagine that tallest vampire still wore insoles in his shoes and he stand beside SuHo :p
    2. Lulu really really have baby face!
    3. Min Min look shorter and round (kekeke) than in video.
    4. Chen Chen really look like a nice student even when he not smile.
    5. Xing Xing more charismatic in reality.
    6. TaoTao look moooreee mature than Lulu and Min Min.

    Soooo, lets make promise that WE WILL ATTEND EXO CONCERT NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  4. chen is so skinny 0_0 but regardless he still looks so good :D