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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

120606 - EVE团团团团团's Update

审 完片了!队长大人的来了!Kris太象漫画里走出来的男主角、让娜姐「心花怒放」啦~超会放电超Man的教主不愧为EXOM的领队呀!@陆盈吉 @陈小卉 你们爱的男神来了!好了好了,我要改片子去了~乖啊!周六晚不见不散!

The samples are finished! Leader’s are here! Kris is too similar to the male lead from a manga, making Na Jie 「elated」~ Able to give out electricity and is super manly, worthy to be called EXOM’s leader! @陆盈吉 @陈小卉 The male God you love is here! It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m going to edit the film~ Be good! Be there on Saturday night or be square!

#本周六晚快乐大本营#这位可爱的韩国朋友XIU MIN超自信 超综艺 重要的是他超爱中国 带来可爱的「包子表情」,引得快乐家族直呼"太可爱"!不知道这又是说了什么?让@谢娜 娜姐笑得这么开心呢

#Saturday night Happy Camp# This cute Korean friend XIU MIN is super confident, has a lot of variety and the most important is that he super loves China, bringing a cute “steamed bun expression”, causing Happy Family to call him “too cute”! Don’t know what else has been said? That’s made @谢娜 Sister Xie laugh so happily

t/n: Xie Na is one of the Happy Camp MCs

#本周六晚快乐大本营#实力主唱Chen,首秀个人技略显腼腆却大呼"我很帅"不怕恐怖软件的测验,测验结果让人出乎意料,有人欢喜有人忧~还有@何炅 何老师,您这一下生气一下抱抱的也变化得太快了吧?CHEN到底对你做了什么啊!

#This week Saturday night’s Happy Camp# The strong lead singer Chen at first seemed to be shy to show his personal skills, yet shouted “I am really handsome” not afraid of terror tests, test results causing some people to be surprised, whilst some people like to be scared~ also @何炅 Teacher He, in one moment you’re angry and in the next you’re hugging him, aren’t you changing a bit too fast? What exactly has CHEN done to you!

t/n: 何炅 is a Happy Camp MC

#本周六晚快乐大本营#EXO-M鹿晗来了, 用一个词形容他,你会用什么?他说他最"爷们"最"义气"为了朋友两肋插刀,让快乐家族感动得都快掉泪啦!关键时候他总会为队友挺身而出,难怪娜姐由衷的感叹"这孩子太好了!必须留下來!"哈哈~斟满美酒把你留下來!!!留下來!

#This week Saturday’s Happy Camp# EXO-M Lu Han has come, using one word to describe him, what would you use? He said he’s the most “manly” most “loyal” willing to do anything for a friend (t/n:literally to be stabbed in both sides of your ribs), making Happy family feel moved close to tears! During important times he will always stick up for his team mates, no wonder Na Jie heartily sighed “This kid is great! We have to keep him!” haha~ filling up the wine please stay here!!! Stay!
source; EVE团团团团团 (Happy Camp director)’s weibo
trans cr; xuan@exom-trans

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