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Sunday, June 10, 2012

120609 Tao Tencent Weibo Update

There are a lot of words and love that I am unable to express to the people who love me. Over and over again, we brush shoulders without any expressions on our faces. Over and over again, there is cold rejection. I cannot accept a lot of your sincerity. There are a lot of changes that I wish you all could see. I am not a child anymore. I just want to walk down this path with them together. From 28 December 2011, it has been destined that I will be with them forever. This is my destiny. Even though I cannot express myself well, I don’t really smile; it doesn’t mean that I don’t love them. Even though I do not flawless features, they are still able to love me, care for me and support me.

Do you know, having them is the most fortunate thing that has ever happened to me. My life cannot be without them. I want my stage, I want the fans that are beneath the stage, forever without separation. Forever and ever. Please accept this love that I am unable to voice out, because it has always been in my heart. Please understand my silence, because I am unable to express it in front of you. Sorry. I really love all of you. Perhaps, my future success will be the biggest payment to all of you.


  1. SOOO SWEEET !!!

    1. I know right! He is soft on the inside, but he looks so tough on the outside.

  2. Now after reading this and not love the guy, I don't know what to say.....FIGHTING KONG FU PANDA....

  3. omg.. i'm..i'm touched.. i knew someday he was gonna express his love to us exotics.. THANK YOU KUNG FU PANDA!! this made me like you more than ever!! i hope you'll see great success with EXO in the future..