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Saturday, June 23, 2012

120621 Simsimtapa with EXO-K Pictures

When talking about the hot stars in South Korea
Of course they have to stop by,
The place where they can only come by,
The rumored reserved seat for fun!!
Show! Star Center
The invited guests this Thursday are?
Not introducing a new song as soon as they arrive!
Leaving a voice message about their feelings on these promotions as soon as they arrive,

If they couldn’t be with us for their first broadcast,
Their last broadcast is on ShimShimTaPa!

Hence, ending all~ of this album’s schedules with ShimShimTaPa,
The six members are nervous [about it]
Since they’re still rookies
Teaching you their faces and names is an urgent thing.

I’ll show you the member’s solo pictures and
A simple introduction. :)

Applying his lotion like me, gently with his fingertips~
Don’t pour all of your love and affection on your skin.
Give it to Suho~

He says that his role is to protect the members.
EXO-K’s leader, Suho

He speaks as the mom who nags at the members

He has a smart style with bright eyes~
This must be why… he likes the smurfs (T/N: Word play on smart/smurf) who live ‘in the forest’,
EXO-K’s D.O Kwangrok, D.O

He says that he’s in charge of the voice in EXO-K.
When we gave him a beat, he couldn’t find the timing to start
So he only did “Oh oh” but,
When we don’t give him a beat, he raps well too.

The happy virus with a charming low voice, Chanyeol

The member who looks kind~~~
He’s in charge of something quite peculiar.

It’s the,

When he draws his eyeliner, he’s a real man
When he erases his eyeliner, he’s a young boy
He explained this.. himself..;; ㅎ

Byun-ristina who likes bean paste stew very much, Baekhyun

In charge of being the maknae and the minor in EXO-K,
19 ‘yearz old’ Sehun

He does ppuing ppuing well~
Eum~Eum~ -ㅅ-;;
That.. bunny aegyo Hwang Jungeum-sshi does,
He does it really well.

When you see him, you directly know it.

He’s in charge of the bronzed skin and the sexy charisma in EXO-K,
He explained.. this.. himself.. ㅎㅎㅎ Kai

But this member
Because he loves EXO-K so much
He said that he was wearing the official T-shirt like this often.

Proudly showing it off. ㅋㅋㅋ

The member who actually designed it is Chanyeol
The fact that he only wears it at the dorm is a trap..ㅎ
The members’ faces and names..
Now you know them a bit right? :)

ShindongDJ who is full of love for his juniors-
On the day where EXO-K appeared on Starry Night,
He, of course, came to the studio
To greet and support them.

And, finally-
He got to invite his juniors to ShimShimTaPa.

When meeting the top training instructor

What to do with you↗?

But, who is our ShindongDJ!
Wouldn’t he be the ghost MC!!!!!!!!!!!!

The developing countries of the personal talents (((Suho-Sehun-Kai)))!
They didn’t have personal talents so we gave them one.
The advanced countries of the personal talents ((((Chanyeol-D.O-Baekhyun)))!
They had a personal talents so we polished it.

So it was the birth of the very precious.. and rare;
EXO-K’s personal talents!
↓ Check it here.

Excuse me.. Kai-nim (Real name: Kim Jongin)
Next time, before doing your personal talent,
Get the members to check it first.
Show it after they agreed. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Who is our ShindongDJ!
Did he do only this!

It’s time to see what’s inside the members’ honest heart!
Getting ready the corner-

The reconciliation between the members and the manager
We will also prepare it for you.

Who is our ShindongDJ!
So is that all?
Of course not~~

The sparkles make EXO-K close their eyes,
We also arranged a time to listen to the honest replies.

EXO-K’s answer is?

Since the six members all lifted their nervous hands,
We will give 2012’s rookie award to EXO-K.
If you can’t get it, ShimShimTaPa will give you one.


So, now, this time
Let’s apply it!

Q. The members who think today was legendarily fun, raise their hands!
Q. The person who thinks ‘As expected, Shindong hyung hosts well!’ raise your hand carefully please.

Since we received their answers against their will with photo editing
It doesn’t show, it’s nice. ^^

Ay- It’s the mood!
While we’re at it,
We’ll add another one!

D.O and Suho didn’t say this.

But this is a dream.
The writers made up these.
*Rolling sound*.. It’s sad.ㅜㅜ

The end!

You thought it was already coming right?

The snacks EXO-K’s fans sent
We gave it well to them,
The writers ate it well and are thankful too-
As we’re saying this..

It’s really really really really the end!


We’re trusting all of you. ♡

source: mbc’s site
translation cr; emilie @

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