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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

EXO-K For Joy News

Alien EXO-K, dictionary of the various researches on their charms - Suho, Kai, D.O’s part (Part ②)

Everyone who met EXO-K have said: What did you eat to be this good-looking? When we noticed that we weren’t laughing at the members’ joke but nodding when they said ‘The trap is that the 6 members are all visual members’, we were already asking it: What did you eat to be this good-looking? EXO-K’s answer was ‘We just eat well’. So the old proverb wasn’t wrong at all. Successful ones will just become successful.

EXO-K make noonas, dongsaengs, aunties, to fall for their charms that are like a swamp they can’t escape. So what is so charming about them? EXO-K’s six members who want to make you become their room’s bed for just a day (T/N: DBSK’s Hug’s lyrics) and give you the strength that makes you feel like you can overcome the monsters from your dreams, we analyzed their profile and charm points.


Real name: Kim Junmyun. Born on May 22nd, 1991. 174cm. He started his SM trainee life in 2006, he has the longest training period among EXO-K.

His hobbies and specialties are acting and golf. Because he’s from Gangnam School District 8, which have the high class hobby of golfing, Suho’s nickname is ‘Just Rich’. Following Kai’s testimony, Suho is born with the leader’s virtue. Kai said “We were trainees together for 5 years but he bought me a lot of good food. He’s rich” supporting Suho’s ‘Just Rich’ nickname and with twinkling eyes “Truthfully, for around 2 years we weren’t that close but since he was a hyung that bought me a lot of food, I felt that he was a really good hyung, starting from then we got close really fast”. Confucius emphasized on the fact that the first condition for a good leadership was feeding your people until they were full. Suho was already harmonizing the future members by feeding them until they’re full, it looks like he was already learning the condition to be a wise leader starting from then.

Leader Suho is worrying about the late-night snack for the members who have superpowers but elementary schoolers-like taste. Suho said about the members who like only chicken, pizza, pork hocks etc for late-night snacks, worrying seriously, “The kids use superpowers but their tastes are like elementary schoolers’”.

Suho has also other nicknames like Junmen and Myunchael. Junmen and Myunchael are Junmyun+Amen and Junmyun+Michael, these started because the expression Suho has on stage and his performance looks holy. As a sub-brand, he also has Junmo Maria which is Junmyun+Virgin Mary (T/N: Sungmo Maria in Korean). It’s known that Suho likes his nicknames Junmen, Myunchael, etc and that he’s really satisfied about it but Joynews24 still couldn’t confirm it.
After debuting, Suho was always in charge of talking in the team. Suho took care of the ending comment and the short interview during the showcase and at ‘Music Bank’, he said he was in charge of the important task of guarding the members, but during today’s interview, it seemed like he lost a lot of his task to the other members. When the reporter said that today he didn’t talk much, Suho said a little bitterly “My dongsaengs always speak well so they took my task. I will have to organize and add up well”.

The members said Suho was in charge of the seriousness, the high class, the exemplary, the leading model and the magnanimity in the team. EXO-K’s members said that even though he was still charismatic, he was classy and kindhearted, they picked that as Suho’s biggest charms.

Suho’s Achilles’ heel is that he’s weak at rock, paper, scissors. From time to time, EXO-K eat late-night snacks and after that they choose who will clean with rock, paper, scissors, they said Suho who is really weak at rock, paper, scissors, was always chosen. Suho strongly opposed “They are all in the palm of my hand. I think of my dongsaengs and lose on purpose”, to measure his real skills, we organized a rock, paper, scissors battle on the spot with Suho against our reporter that is second to none in losing at rock, paper, scissors. The result was the victory of our reporter. After that, Suho could only lower his head at his dongsaengs’ words “We already understood perfectly hyung’s rock, paper, scissors’ pattern”.


Real name: Kim Jongin. Born on January 14th, 1994. 182cm. Was the best dancer from 2007 10th SM Youth Best Contest. He also won the popularity award in the same contest announcing the birth of a star. After Suho, he has the longest training period as an SM trainee. He is friends with Taemin who’s a 94er too (T/N: Reporter’s mistake) but with his mature image and his overwhelming performance, he makes the noona fans in their 20’s~30’s feel guilty with his sexy expressions game, he has a dangerous charm that makes aunt fans call him oppa without them even knowing. But the truth is that he is part of EXO-K’s maknae line.

As the best dancer he is with excellent dancing skills, he has the nickname Dancing Machine. Kai’s other nickname is Teaser Rich. During the 100 days teaser promotion, Kai was the first member of EXO-K to be revealed and had the most teasers. Kai appears alone in 8 teasers, he appears in 4 teasers with other members; therefore, from 23 teasers, he had 12, so he was shown for more than 50% of the time. Like this, Kai got the nickname Teaser Rich as he appeared in a lot of teasers.

At first, Kai said that he was awkward with the stage name ‘Kai’ the company gave him, he couldn’t get used to it, it was to the extent where he didn’t recognize himself when people called him “Kai-ya”. Kai likes manhwa and said while laughing like a child “I like the manhwa called Top Blade but I liked particularly the character Kai. So after receiving my stage name, I really liked it because it was the same”. We forgot for a moment that Kai was a 94er but this fact really can’t be ignored. He has a face that makes you call him oppa but the fact that the 19 years old boy likes manhwa casts away this prejudice.
His hobby and speciality is dancing. He can dance various styles such as ballet, jazz, popping, rocking, etc. Because of that, Kai is in charge of the center in EXO-K’s performance.

On the charisma ranking the members made, Kai unanimously won 1st place. Kai said proudly while nodding “That’s right, I’m first in charisma”. Suho praised him “I feel Kai’s charisma on stage. More especially, his tanned skin is sexy. His performance is really good and he has an unique expression game” and piped up “Because the part in the music video where Kai shouts ‘MAMA’ alone was really cool, I got goosebumps”. On the other hand, at the aegyo ranking, he was unrivalled for last place. The reason is that he really has no aegyo.

Kai is in charge of the sexiness in the team. Kai said about that “At first I really opposed a lot. Now I gave up and obediently follow it”. As we got to know him, he’s a man with excellent adaptating skills who resigns quickly.

His real name is Do Kyungsoo. Born on January 12th, 1993. 174cm. D.O started his SM trainee life in 2010, he’s the EXO-K member with the shortest training period with Baekhyun. On the internet, we can often see posts with ‘Entertainer amazed by fans’ as their titles. D.O’s trademark are the pictures where he looks at the gathered fans with big eyes. If you see a post with ‘A_Korean_common_celebrity_amazed by fans.jpg’ as its title on a board, be advised that it’s EXO-K’s D.O. D.O’s sentence that became patented is ‘Superior orchestra’. While D.O was explaining ‘MAMA’ on ‘Inkigayo’, he was nervous so he let out “Sup…Superior orchestra”, that day’s ‘Inkigayo”s is banned by the fans and by D.O himself.

His stage name D.O is his family name Do written with English characters and read letter by letter. His hobby and specialty are singing and beatboxing.

The nickname ‘Eye White Rich’ was given because of the neat eye white standing out from his especially big eyes. As opposed to his image full of charisma on stage, D.O was hiding his face during that day’s interview and was the member who talked the least. When we directly asked D.O something, he was opening wide his eyes and showed a shy cuteness. It’s not only at the fans, he still looks amazed at interviews too.

D.O who has a cute image and looks like he has a lot of aegyo, surprisingly said he didn’t have aegyo. But the members testified that even if he didn’t have aegyo he was just cute. The EXO-K members said “The fans said he was really cute when he looked suprised off stage or when he does stuff like that” and “When he sees that the fans are taking pictures, without even knowing it he does a lot of cute things”.
Following the members, D.O is EXO-K’s mom. He’s in charge of cooking. Like a mom he takes care of the members and gives a kind mom-like feeling. If the members say they’re sick, he quickly gives them medicine and worries for them. D.O’s charm is also cooking well. More especially, the members said in one voice “D.O cooks spaghetti well”.

D.O who can cook well various things got praised by the members “He is well-rounded”. But EXO-K’s exposure kept on going “Truthfully, there’s no menu he can cook perfectly”. The members made D.O’s big eyes open even bigger “There’s nothing he can cook perfectly but he can cook well various things. It’s good but there’s nothing exceptional”.

Real name: Park Chanyeol. Born on November 27th, 1992. 185cm. Started his SM trainee life in 2008. Chanyeol’s real name comes from ‘Fruitful (T/N: That gives good profits) fruit’. His hobbies and specialties are playing instruments, rapping and acting. He can play various instruments such as guitar, drum, bass, djembe, etc.

Tall like a model and with outstanding looks, unexpectedly, Chanyeol’s nickname is ‘Teeth Rich’. He got this nickname because when he laughs, he shows more teeth than anyone else. Chanyeol revealed “My teeth are so straight that the fans call me ‘National good teeth’. I didn’t ever wear braces, it’s amazing” and “But my teeth are weaker than what you could think. I even broke a tooth because I was eating chicken carelessly and bit on my fork and chopsticks”. These days, Chanyeol especially takes care of his teeth “I’m aiming for a toothpaste or gums medicine CF” and showed a strong ambition for advertisement.

He might have round eyes and an innocent look but he’s the type that hates to lose more than anyone else. He said he has a strong desire to win. Thanks to his burning winning desire, he’s the type to win often when betting on who will clean up after eating against leader Suho who always loses. Chanyeol thinks that he is EXO-K’s happy virus. Chanyeol makes the fans laugh and satisfyingly said “I especially have a good sociability. My old nickname was storming sociability” while laughing loudly. Kai also told an episode following Chanyeol’s words“Truthfully at first I was confused. Baekhyunnie hyung joined the latest but in only one day he got close with Chanyeol, his sociability is unusual”.

Before, Chanyeol was worrying about how his ears looked. “Now I think it’s my charm’s point but when I was young I had a complex on my ears”, Chanyeol said “Ever since kindergarten, I was made fun of really a lot because of my ears. So because I thought my ears would stand out even more if I got them pierced, I didn’t want to get them pierced”and “I don’t really know how it’ll go later on but I don’t think I’ll want to get them pierced”. During the aegyo ranking, Chanyeol gave himself the lower rank, he said “Because of my cavernous and husky voice, if I do aegyo I think it’d give you goosebumps” while giving us a cute smile full of aegyo. It looks like he can do aegyo without giving people goosebumps.

Chanyeol’s other worry was that no matter how much he frowned, he wouldn’t feel charismatic. It’s to the extent where while filming the music video he gave strong expression to look strong but the music video’s producers told him to just not do it. Chanyeol laughed “The director told me to loosen up that frown” and “I really really like this song but, I want to sing a brigther song too”.

Chanyeol showed love and pride for EXO-K. During the interview, Chanyeol said, showing a strong confidence, “The trap is that in EXO-K, the 6 members are all in charge of the visual”and “It’s an ant lion’s pit. You can’t escape”.


Real name: Oh Sehun. Born on April 12th, 1994. 181cm. He’s a 94er like Kai but after calculating with their birthdays, EXO-K’s real maknae is Sehun. He got cast as a SM trainee in 2008 and started to prepare to become a singer.

His hobbies and specialties are dancing and acting. His nickname is ‘Noona Rich’. It’s not that he has a lot of noonas (T/N: Big sisters) in his family but it’s a nickname he got because he’s the team’s maknae. On the cuteness ranking EXO-K members made, Sehun unanimously won 1st place. The members said “Because he’s so cute we can’t even scold him. It’s cute when he acts up”while looking at maknae Sehun with loving eyes.

But when we said he was cute, Sehun got serious. Sehun replied seriously “I don’t think I’m cute” and “I don’t really like when I get called cute. I want to hear that I’m handsome”. Now, if the fans meet Sehun, they praise him and say he’s ‘handsome’ and ‘charismatic’ instead of saying he’s cute. If you do so, you may even get Sehun’s flower smile.

Following the members, Sehun is in charge of the visual in EXO-K. When the members said Sehun was in charge of the visual and the model, Sehun lifted his thumb and said embarrassingly“Having the hyungs saying I’m in charge of the visual while they’re all good-looking feels a bit wrong”. Rather than saying he’s good-looking, Sehun explained that he had a peculiarity “I have a long waist”, the members praised Sehun “These days, it’s the trend among male idols to wear their pants low but even if he doesn’t wear them low, he naturally looks like he does”. We emphasize it again but this isn’t EXO-K’s team-kill, it’s praising.

Sehun is in the maknae line with Kai and has a common point with Kai. It’s that they look much more mature than their age. Sehun doesn’t even get shocked anymore when he hears ‘he looks old’, on a radio program, he once drew a line to noonas “Noona fans can’t call me oppa”, making the aunt fans fall in mental breakdown state. It’s like Sehun was reviving the ‘Affectionate Man’ corner in ‘Gag Concert’ again with Choi Hyojong. He clears up ambiguous things.


Real name: Byun Baekhyun. Born on May 6th, 1992. 175cm. He got cast in 2011 and joined EXO-K the latest.

Baekhyun was the member who was in SM for the shortest time before debuting. While he was going to take his university exam, Baekhyun got cast immediately to join SM and started his SM trainee life in 2011, in April 8th 2012 he did a splendid debut in the music industry through the showcase (T/N: Reporter’s mistake). When we see that on December 23rd, 2011, EXO announced their debut in the music industry by releasing Kai’s first teaser, in the same month, the 29th, at ‘SBS Gayo Daejun’, K’s Kai and M’s Luhan, Tao and Chen appeared for the first time in front of fans, Baekhyun was cast in 2011 and made his debut in 2012, we can then feel how innovative Baekhyun’s debut was. Rather than attributing it to luck, he had to satisfy SM’s strict staff so he had to focus even more on his amazing skills.

Baekhyun was the last addition to the team but with his huge sociability, he’s in charge of the ‘Kkap’ in EXO. The old videos attesting of Baekhyun’s kkap are raining but we won’t mention Baekhyun’s old videos on purpose. Now, we want to protect the rights of Baekhyun who became a member of ‘Super Idol’ EXO.

Baekhyun who has the peculiarity of having a storming sociability that is similar to Chanyeol’s, he’s the best of the best as he got close to the members within a short period of time. Truthfully, during the interview, he’s the member who talked the least about himself. Most of what Baekhyun said was about the members and EXO, proving that he knew the members this much and is close to them.

His hobbies and specialties are the hapkido and the piano. Baekhyun was bold as he said everything he wanted to say even though it was our first interview but he also has a weak heart as he was so surprised when a fan unexpectedly came to fansign wearing a Chanyeol mask he screamed. We were a bit suspicious about his hobby being hapkido but we just let it pass. Baekhyun also confessed “I’m kind of stumped when they keep on asking me to do ‘ppuing ppuing’ at fansigns”. From now on, let’s not ask him for ‘ppuing ppuing’ anymore but for another aegyo.

In the team, Baekhyun is in charge of the noise and the chitchat. The members said “It’s noisy from the morning until we go to sleep. He goes around while screaming ‘Ah~’ by himself”exposing Baekhyun’s noisiness(?). Even though he’s in the hyung line, he’s the mascot in charge of the cuteness in the team.

On the other hand, EXO-K are going to have busy promotions for their debut song ‘MAMA’. Let’s look forward to the activities of these six boys coming from outer space to conquer Earth.

source: joynews24
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans

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