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Sunday, June 3, 2012

EXO-K Traffic Song (Inkigayo 120603)

This Is so cute that I need to get out of ExoTown couse otherwise I'll spam along 


  1. Oh my....this is soooo cute!! Ahahaha
    Replayed it like 10 times already ^^

  2. okeyh3...
    *faint XD
    after watching this,i straight open the app to download this..

  3. they're so adorable !!!<3<3 i can't handle it anymore they are super cutteeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OMG ! this is asdfghjkl >.<
    EXO-K is so cute ! It will be very perfect if there were exo-m TT-TT
    but it's ok
    they are so cute !!

  5. Yah ! The boys so cuuuute, oh my god i can't handle this cuteness. I think the boys are begin to get out of Mama spirit by trying such a cute thing. Exotics i know you're now so proud more and more to be fan of those boys aja aja aja !! Fightiiiiiiiing!!

    1. oh !!!! oh !!! i will always break the laws if EXO are the traffic police hahaha ;)

      THE cutest ECO SONG i ever seen, i hope that they use that kind of concept for their next comeback and i think SM is trying to see how fans will react about EXO CUTE concept...

      kai, i know you're suffring to do a cute face but you're perfectly goooood adkjbckfzjdb
      and THEHUN helping kindergarden BAEK HYUN crossing the road LOL LOL LOL