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Sunday, June 17, 2012

EXO-K's Fan Meeting 120617

NO MORE PICTURE WILL BE ADDED .. Sorry.. SM's Rules... But here's a fan account:] 
After a really long wait, EXO-K finally appeared. There were westerners taking photos of them, I'm not really sure if they were the same people who interviewed EXO-M at everysing. There were changes in the sequence they stood, the tall and short members were really differentiable. There were many people present today and it was really squeezy, from the beginning to the end, Suho kept doing the <looking afar> gesture, with his palm at eye level and aiming to look far, did you really think you were playing golf?

Baekhyun was the first to speak, their speeches were all rather similar. It was pretty much just about how they were really thankful for the fan supports now that their promotion of MAMA is ending. However Sehun made a mistake, he said "handsome" as "yummy" instead. Baekhyun's hair today was really cute, and he made a heart gesture too (the two thumbs kind)

D.O. was really adorable, he kept having his eyes open wide, I can't really remember what he said exactly in his speech. The person I noticed today was Suho his aegyo these few days have been giving me goosebumps ╮(╯_╰)╭

Next up was Suho, he said " are there around 10000 people here" and Kai who was beside him gave him the "what are you speaking" expression and did a rifle gun shooting gesture at him ╮(╯_╰)╭ and Suho continued with his speech .. I can't really remember ..

Next was Kai, he seemed to be in a good mood today, and since there were many fans present and the mike was rather soft, he pretended to teach the sound effects a "lesson" ╮(╯_╰)╭ I think he really kicked the sound system once .. But it was really cute, and I can't remember Sehun's speech .. Today's weather was really warm so my brain isn't really working .. However Chanyeol and some other members asked if the fans present would be going to SMT Seoul and that it is a must to go

Today after D.O. switched his standing position, there was a lot of skinship between Chanyeol and Sehun. I used to think that they have very little interactions with each other but today's event revealed some information. Initially the candy packs were just left there unattended but it was rumored that the members had written letters in it so we began anticipating it .. Plus the high five-ing session was the least expected, everyone present just went crazy. Some of the fans even applied hand cream before it was their turn. At first they stood on stage to do it but after awhile they came down and continued it at eye level. Someone was intending to give members a huge lollipop but Sehun didn't accept it, Suho didn't dare to accept it and D.O. accepted it in the end ..

Suho's voice has never been loud and the sound system was not helping with how soft his voice was so when he spoke almost no one could hear him. Someone from the tall group lifted his head and told Suho to speak louder and he started shouting with all his might ╮(╯_╰)╭ That line was specifically clear and fans gave him applause as encouragement, that expression of his was really cute ...

My memory is really messed up so the sequence of my fanaccount is too .. When introducing the event, there were only 2 mics to accommodate all the members speeches. Members allowed Suho to speak for awhile then stopped him, and he also mentioned how the candy packs were made specially by themselves, Kai pretended like he was packing the gift packs at the side, mimicking the gesture of placing one candy after another into a bag and he was really focused ha ha

When queuing to high five with them, be it fans or the boys, everyone was extremely high, single handed high-fives and double hand high fives, and there were even instances when fans interlocked their fingers with the members. After it went on for awhile, I guess their hands got tired so they alternated between both hands. The atmosphere was really great but indescribable

Suho who didn't dare accept gifts at first watched D.O. accept them and was also embarrassed to reject the gifts so accepted a few, there was one which was a huge box. The stage level was as knee length high so there were times when they climbed up and down, I'm not describing this because I need some precious memories saved for myself too~ Ha ha ha

There must have been some aegyo he has planned beforehand, waving his hands in front of his tummy and putting his hands up in the air and things like that. He made heart gestures as well and did the "gazing afar" gesture as well ╮(╯_╰)╭ Along with all the excitement, when he high fived some of the fans he was hopping, and even laughed a lot while "scissors paper stone" with some ╮(╯_╰)╭ He's so cute I'm gonna cry

I remember one instant when Kai was trolling fans ╮(╯_╰)╭ After high five-ing for awhile I guess he was tired so he lifted his hands really high and fans couldn't reach ... How childish == Actually today he was really cheerful and lively, even though he was tired there were many interactions with fans going on ~ Before that when they were off stage, people got him to dance and he did it, this boy is really obedient ha ha

As Suho hopped while high five-ing fans his curly hair kept bouncing up and down, I really felt like just grabbing his hair, and he's always smiling until even his eyes can't be seem, please keep this kiddish charisma going ..

After the high five session session ended ╮(╯_╰)╭ Baekhyun whined "Everyone's hand is so hot" (which can be understood as cruel, or powerful). Kai said that he was too tan so his hand can't turn red ==

D.O. was really good with his words, he said after having high fived this many fans, he's not going to wash his hands and everyone jeered saying he was lying. (One month ago he was leading fans at jeering Suho but now it's his turn to get jeered at) ╮(╯_╰)╭

All of them raised their hands and pretended to look pitiful, Suho kept glancing at his palm and wrist, perhaps it was uncomfortable or something .. The high five session was coming to an end and Suho led everyone at greeting "we are one!" while everyone else below said "hng" with the intention to delay time and Suho just looked really helpless, this happened a few times ..

Original: 爱咳嗽就喝急支糖浆
Trans © Yenuo @

Su Ho, D.O
Baek Hyun
Baek Hyun
Baek Hyun
Baek Hyun
ChanYeol, Se Hun, Kai, Su Ho, D.O, Baek Hyun
Se Hun, Kai, D.O
Kai, Baek Hyun
Baek Hyun
D.O, Baek Hyun

EXO-K Presents for Fans 
ChanYeol's Message 
Hello everyone !! Thank you for coming to EXO-K's last performance fanmeeting !!.
The long MAMA promotion that felt short has now come to an end T_T
We will work hard to prepare for the next album so please wat for us just a little bit !
Everyone I truly love and thank you !
D.O's Message 
Hello. This is EXO-K's D.O. Thank you for always supporting us until now. I will show you a cooler side of myself for the next album so please look forward to it. Thank you. "Heart"
Se Hun's Message 
Everyoooone~ Our last performance is now over ! I am crying... but it's fine ! Should we go back to promoting soon? Or not? Haha kekeke
Everyone let's go together until the end~
I've been really thankful until now !!
I love you.
Baek Hyun's Message 
To the fans I love ! EXO-K's ! Last ! MAMA performance is over ! Thank you for always supporting and loving us ! We will come back even coolier for our next album ! You'll wait for us right? Hehe (Yes~ !!!) That's right hehe since we'll be back with an even better appearance !! Please for us ! I love you and thank you
Kai's Message 
Hello~ This is EXO-K's Kai ! Thank you for being with us from the beginning until now~ Let's go together forever !! If you want to go with us forever you know you have to come to Inkigayo right? See you tomorrow TㅅT We won't see each other for a while I'll miss you~ Thank you.
Su Ho's Message 
Hello. This is Suho who guards the member of EXO-K !! It seriously feels like our first performance was yesterday... But it's already the last one... sobs sobsT_T It's so sad. We're the ones who will miss you the most ! Hehe However it's fine ! We will think of you while doing our best to practice and prepare for our next album !! Don't forget about EXO-K !! And love~~~~ us ~~~~ more ! I love you~~♡

Translated by Saphiranim @

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  1. Ah I was there as well! It was soooooo much fun! Unfortunately there werent any candy left for 200 fans -.- including me

    1. u where there? !!!!!!! !!! AA!!! gimme u'r twitter what ever ! please! <3

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  3. They all look so gorgeous and handsome!!!!! <33
    Im gonna miss them sooo much TuT

  4. "We're putting out an official warning to everyone to please STOP sharing/uploading/RT'ing any of the photos from 120617 EXO-K fanmeeting and delete everything. Cameras were actually forbidden at the event, and SM have officially asked everyone to delete any photos from the event. Please, please, please abide to these requests!

    If it continues to spread, from what I can gather they might not do special events like this in the future or become even more stricter. I know it's not ideal, but please delete and stop sharing everything from the fanmeeting. It could put the Korean fan photographers at risk for future events. They are the people who bring EXO closer to the international fans, so please help them out with this one.

    Thank you international fans! Please spread this to other sites (Tumblr, Weibo, Twitter etc) and to any other fanbases who may not know yet. This is really serious."

    from EXO facebook fanpage

  5. Hi my name is Persephone and I first I just want to say how much I love you and appreciate you for making such anamazing blog like this it really helps me and I am guessing a million other people to keep up with exo activities. Thankyou so much for sacrificing your time like this. I am a huge fan of exo and equally a huge fan of yours. I don't know what I would do with out you. I have no words to describe how thankful I am. Though I do have a question if you don't mind answering it for me. My question is, is exo m back in Korea so please do explian I would really like to know. Also why is exo k leaving I am very confused

    1. EXO-M flied back To China Today.
      EXO-K Ended There promotions already because usually rookie groups promote for 2 months on Music Shows and So they did.
      + thank U for your warm words <3 :]
      hope i helped

  6. Hi I'm so thankful for this site. Every morning this is the first site I go to! (No Kidding XD) Keep up the Good work! I only depend on this site when it comes to Exo Updates aside from Tumblr! I Love you! :D

    i feel like i lost everything but in the same time i gained a new thing to look forward into xD everyday i will wake up and tell myself: You can do it! you can survive! do it for exo! lol. it sounds stupid but i really do it.
    it's been a long time since your lovely blog supported us and i hope it will still keep on rocking! tharangheyo <3

  8. Hello I love U I love U so much thank you for sharing ExO's messages to the fans ... And I'm really sad for you cuz Of the candy ;(. ..... Saranghea love ya .... You are lucky ^^ .... And i want to say that i love chanyoel, kai and se hun's hair like that .... Kekekeke Thank U

  9. Hi~~ i just want to ask, where was this fan meeting held??? (the name of the place) Please anyone if you know, please reply *^^*

  10. How much did it cost?? >.< I wanna be prepared

  11. And how do you know when and where these things are happening >.>