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Thursday, June 7, 2012

EXO (Lu Han And Se Hun) - Magazine

Marilyn Monroe (t/n: Play on Childlike Marilyn Lu)
From the Group EXO-M
EXO-M’s main visual LU HAN has been given the nickname “Marilyn Monroe” personally by fans, not only have the people outside of the industry recognised his invincible face, but the members also use “pretty” to describe him, seniors can’t help but praise him “when he entered the company he gained a lot of attention because of his appearance,” but despite these praises after accepting them LU HAN still strongly states that he is a “true Beijing man”

Natural glow
From the group EXO-K
As EXO-K’s absolute visual, he’s actually the maknae that the members take time to care for but are still unable to cover his light. No matter whether it’s an obedient child or a strong charismatic man, he doesn’t only catch their eye a bit. No wonder when asked about his appearance he didn’t hesitate to say that he was number one.

trans cr; xuan @exom-trans


  1. .it's been 2 months since EXO's debut (8th April). i don't know what to say right now but maybe i'd say "congratulations"..
    In those 2 months, i discover a great and competitive family(EXOTICS) where everyone to put his best for the others. In those 2 months i experimented a lot of emotions and espacially i learnt how people spread and share love with the ones they love. i think this is what makes EXOTICS more powerful every day.

    Thanks OKTAWIA FOR LETTING ME TO KNOW SUCH AN UNIQUE AND FAITHFUL FRIENDS, THANKS EVERY ONE FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR OUR PRECIOUS ANGELS ,i have alot to say but i know that the bad and the good memories are the things that unite as more than words so... HAPPY 2 MONTHS DAY WITH EXO <3<3


    aaaah!!! beefore i forget OKRAWIA can you make a place where EXOTICS can share their thoughts and memories about exo and the 2 months since debut and name it '2 months exo's debut memories' huh? WHAT DO YOU THINK?

    1. I was thinking about that... I'll try to open a new page today.

    2. sorry i was typing so fast *oktawia* and not *okrawia*

    3. Thank you Oktawia for the all the updates~ and also thank you to TunisianExotics for all your suggestions to our dearest admin~ remember me, foreverexotic~~ :) we are already 2 months with our beloved idols EXO~! And still going longer~~~ <3 Let's love! Always! <3

      EXO and EXOtics~ Fighting~!^^