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Friday, June 22, 2012

EXO M - 120622 音乐high客

Music High Guest will be aired 6th July 9.30PM CST.

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    MBC Festival, 23rd June London: EXO-K Lightstick Project

    EXO-K fans going to the MBC Festival - there's a great project that'll be right up your street! As any EXO fan knows, this amazing group debuted around two months ago, and already they've been experiencing a huge amount of popularity. Although they've already performed overseas, this will be their first solo trip to Europe. To make this visit for them extra special, a great bunch of fans have come up with a really lovely idea to show the EXO-K boys just how much love there is for them in the UK. The JJL Project aims to provide the audience at the MBC Festival with lightsticks to bring out during EXO-K's stages, so they will be able to see a sea of support through lightsticks when they perform. Even if you're not an EXO-K fan (yet), this is still something you can get involved in. Let's all join in!

    Keep reading to find out all about the project!

    " JJLPROJECT and a few others would like to announce a project we’ve had planned for a while. On June 23rd, we’re hoping to light up the indigo2 stadium with a united, SOLID GREEN SEA for EXO-K’s stages!
    The colour green has been chosen as it was first used for the Korean and Chinese showcases, and thus would be easily recognisable. Every person who attends will get 2~3 thin green glowsticks to hold up or use as bracelets and yes, we’re distributing this to you on the day of the concert, free of charge! We would like for this event to be perfectly planned so that when EXO first step onstage, all they’ll see is 2500 fans in unity and full support. Overall we want them to have a very memorable, positive experience for the first time they perform in Europe.
    This project is already underway, but as always, there are expenses involved in carrying it out. Donations are already being collected but we would very much appreciate it if you donated. It doesn’t have to be much at all, as any amount will help us out! You can donate via Paypal (instructions here:
    We’re trying to raise around £150 by June 19th, and have already raised £50. This is a very tight deadline but with your help we hope to reach our goal and make this project successful for the boys! Even if you can’t donate, if you’re attending the concert please look out for JJLPROJECT handing out glowsticks - further information as to how these glowsticks will be distributed and used in the event will be released closer to the time.
    If you have any inquiries please send a message to @jjlproject on twitter, email or message us (jjlproject) on tumblr.
    Finally, we'd also appreciate it if you could spread this news on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc to promote and spread the word to other fans attending the concert. Thank you all so much! "

    Written by the JJL Project
    credit: korean class massive