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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

EXO-M and Phoenix News Weibo Update

Has everyone seen today’s Phoneix News interview? Sending you a photo of EXO-M from the interview scene! Everyone please pay a lot of attention to EXO-M’s future activities~

120613 - Phoenix News’ Update

大家MS对他们的拍立得很有兴趣呦~小编先放张图出来吧 当天的拍摄现场还差点因为玩偶引发了一场“血案”有的人爱不释手,有的人狠狠蹂躏 请大家耐心等待活动的发起哦 访谈传送: @EXO-M中国首站@EXO中文首站@EXOing-进行时

Everyone’s MS showed interest in the polariods that they have taken~ we’ll firstly release a small series of photos then, a “bloody scene” almost happened at today’s shooting location [secretly laughs] Some people fondled with love while other were very rough, I’d like to request everyone to patiently wait for the occurences of the events, interview link: @EXO-M中国首站@EXO中文首站@EXOing-进行时

source; Phoenix News’ weibo
trans cr; hyerin@exom-trans

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