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Thursday, June 28, 2012

EXO-M Extraordinary Weibo Updates

[WEIBO] 120627 - Extremely Extraordinary’s Update

EXO-M 作客非常不一班组图继续:EXO此次来南京作客,当然要尝尝南京特产“鸭血粉丝汤”啦,今天队长KRIS还首次爆料,其实他的母亲是南京人哦

The photos of EXO-M as guests on Extremely Extraordinary continue:as EXO are guests of Nanjing,of course they must taste Nanjing’s specialty, “Duck Blood Noodle Soup”,and today for the first time, leader Kris announced to everybody that his mother is actually a Nanjing native

EXO—M 非常不一班 此图主题“一见就微笑”

EXO-M Extremely Extraordinary, this picture’s theme “once you meet you just smile”

非常不一班 EXO-M组图 ,从开场粉丝们就尖叫声不断了

Extremely Extraordinary, group of EXO-M photos, since the opening the fans have been shrieking constantly


The last one of the night,everybody doesn’t know this secret:Zhang Yixing injured his waist,throughout the whole first half of the recording he fought against the pain in his waist,during the break in the middle,his pain was already hard to bear,for when Xiao Bian went to the guest room, clearly saw that he was in so much pain all he could do was lie on the sofa,but because he didn’t want to let down the fans,stubbornly decided to bear the pain and to continue to dance,showing a lot of professionalism as an artist and entertainer, he really deserves a lot of admiration

EXO-M 非常不一班 XIU MIN卖萌三连拍,被秒杀的请转发

Three consecutive photos of EXO-M’s extremely extraordinary XIU MIN showing off his cuteness,instantly killed in a second so please share

exo-m 录制之前的新闻发布会部分照

photos of exo-m from the press conference preceding their recording

EXO-M 作客非常不一班,给你最不一般的视听盛宴,EXO十八般武艺样样精通

EXO-M as guests os Extremely Extraordinary,give you the most extraordinary feast of audio and visual,EXO are well-versed and versatile in every aspect! (t/n: literally translates into 18 types of martial arts, but it’s used to mean somebody is very versatile and all-around talented)

source; Extremely Extraordinary’s weibo
trans cr; xuan@exom-trans

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